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Do you need a Mascot Logo of endless possibilities? Then try the mascot emblem. This animated ambassador is transforming the advertising landscape. A Mascot logo will breathe life into your brand identity and deepen positive connections. Let our mascot logo maker guide you by creating an eye-catching mascot logo with the personality to capture attention, evoke emotions, strengthen visibility, and increase sales. Regardless of your design insight, we have an affordable mascot for your business.
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How to Create Mascot Logo Design
How to Create Mascot Logo Design
1. Create your mascot logo by entering your business name in the box.
2. Select a logo template from our library that identifies with your industry.
3. If available, enter your slogan in the text box above.
4. You can now change the fonts, colors, size, and layouts to fit your brand identity.
5. Finally, you can instantly download your file in all formats–PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF.
Mascot Logo Design Ideas
Mascot Logo Design Ideas
A creative brief would be a good starting point for your mascot logo design. Please don't let the name, creative brief, intimidate you. It means the ideas you have generated for your intending logo design. You don't have to restrict yourself to a single source for inspiration. You can get opinions from friends, relatives, partners, investors, and competitors. More so, our library offers lots of mascot’s template you can use to get inspiration. You need to pay close attention to the design elements and features adopted by well–established brands.
Mascot Logo Design Tips
Mascot Logo Design Tips
Research by System1, a UK global marketing firm, shows that mascot characters are 37% more likely to increase market share and 30% likely to grow profit. A mascot logo with an upbeat brand personality, direct message, suitable typography, and a unified color scheme will give you the above benefits. Besides, an unusual feature, the right audience, and a striking name will also help your mascot brand stand out from the multitude. Finally, to avoid legal issues, you must copyright your mascot.

How to Make Your Mascot Logo Stand Out from the Competition

1. Evoke Your Brand Personality
Your mascot character is the brand ambassador for your business. So, let it convey the brand philosophy and experience you want to share with your audience. Voice pitch, facial expression, and body posture are some ways your mascot can express personality. Clients will see a smiling mascot as friendly and approachable. Do you want to portray this feeling? Similarly, the shape of your mascot can also give distinct impressions. An angled figure, for example, illustrates wickedness. To stand tall, let your personality shines via your mascot.

2. Give Your Mascot a Striking Name
Personification is the rule here. Call your mascot by name, and it will come to life. Naming your mascot will make it easy for customers to connect and identify with it on a deep emotional level. Over time, a unique and striking name will create visual images in customers' minds, make it easy to remember, and eventually becoming timeless. Short names are illustrious. Also, you can opt for rhyming words. Look at Minnie Mouse, Bunny, etc. and take a clue from them.

3. Amplify the Mascot Features
Can you tell why StarKist Tuna, Bunny, Pom–Bear, and Mickey Mouse are unique, likable, and well connected with people across cultures? Well, look at how the designers have elaborated on their human appearances. They are out of the norm. Aren't you impressed with their features and more likely to remember them anytime someone mentions their names? Kindly take a clue from the effects of exaggeration in creating your mascots.

4. Choose Your Color Wisely
Is there any design without color? That's just food for thought! Colors are the windows from which you see the world. It's so crucial that it exudes its messages. These messages are what you need to study and choose carefully to spread your brand values. Though you're at liberty to use any color to communicate, remember, a wrong color will send a negative vibe. You can use solid colors–dark, pastel, and bright or gradient to evoke feelings. Interestingly, weird colors make the mascot logo memorable.

5. Choose Your Typography Carefully
You have given your mascot a short, sweet, and memorable name. But how are you going to write it? You’ve answered correctly! You need a font to perform such a crucial task. Most mascot logo aims for a beautiful typeface that captures attention and offers easy readability. You can't compromise on the legibility of your font.

Frequently Asked Logo Maker Questions

How to Know Your Brand Needs a Mascot Logo
1. When there's a Keen Competition:
Competition is inevitable. It has killed many businesses, and it's still the biggest nightmare for all entrepreneurs today. When your business faces growing competition, a mascot could be the magic emblem you need to revive your brand. Mars, Inc., created M&M's mascots when its popular candy faced intense competition. The new ambassadors were effective.

2. When You Want to Sell to Young Consumers:
Can you relate how you feel about a mascot now to when you were much younger? The feeling would have been intense and cordial. Today's children feel the same when they see mascots. If your product targets children, a mascot is a useful branding tool to get them connected to your product.

3. When You Want to Differentiate Your Brand:
Most businesses in the service industry find it hard to separate their brands from the competition. However, Smart Dolphins, an information technology service company, adopted a unique dolphin mascot that positions it above the completion. Faced with a similar situation, you can also adopt a mascot to differentiate your brand.

4. When Your Products Are Boring:
Customers perceive some products and services to be boring. Are your products boring? You need to ask your customers. Most clients see banking and finance, insurance, and information technology as tedious services. To introduce some fun into its brand and draw customers closer, MetLife, the insurance company, introduced Snoopy, its mascot. It served its purpose.

5. When Your Product has Unpleasant Image:
Every business needs advertising to persuade customers to buy its products. However, some products by their look are not visually pleasing in advertising. The cleaning and sanitation products are typical examples. A mascot like Mr. Clean can be your savior.
Best Fonts for a Mascot Logo Design:
To create an effective mascot logo, you need to select a font that expresses your brand persona and aids readability. Below are seven recommended fonts that you can explore further.
1. Neuropol font
2. Zorque font
3. Astro Boy font
4. Motion Control font
5. Evil Empire font
6. Varsity Team font
7. And Bebal Bold font
Best Colors for a Mascot Logo Design
1. Blue:
The Japanese company, Nintendo, has the famous Mario as its mascot. They clad the black mustache looking mascot in many colors–blue, red, brown, yellow, white, and a few others. The blue stands for trust, the red for speed, and the brown for warmth. The yellow symbolizes youth while the white goes for simplicity.

2. Green:
Google has a famous mascot for its Android App. It's called Bugdroid, a friendly-looking green robot with some human features. The green color stands for nature and generosity.

3. Yellow:
Haribo, producers of gummy candy, adopted a golden mascot, a yellow bear wearing a red bow tie, to gain popularity for its sweets. The yellow expresses joy, hope, and youth.

4. Pink:
Duracell Inc. launched a pink bunny as its mascot. The mascot contested in some sporting activities. The mascot dominancy in these activities shows the battery's lasting strength. The pink represents youthfulness and femininity.

5. White:
Mr. Clean, the mascot launched by Procter & Gamble, is yet another famous brand you can study. Dressed in all white, Mr. Clean is a bald, muscular man wearing an earring. Just six months after its launch, it became the bestselling detergent in the United States of America. The white signifies cleanliness and peace of mind.
Is this mascot logo maker free?
Yes! It's absolutely free to use the logo maker and customize the different logos we offer. We do, however, charge a fee to own the copyright and download the logo files. We have different logo packages to choose from based on your budget and needs.
What logo files will I receive with my new mascot logo?
With the standard pack you will receive:
- High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
- Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
- Files with transparent backgrounds

With the premium pack you will receive:
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media
Can I print my logo on T-shirts, mugs and other items?
Yes. All of our logo packages will give you the proper vector files allowing you to print your logo on promotional items.
Will I have full ownership of my new logo?
Yes. All of our logo designs come with complete copyright and ownership. You will own your logo 100%.
How much does this Mascot Logo Maker cost?
Our Logo Maker is free to try. We have several options when purchasing and using our logo maker.

Standard Package $49.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds

Premium Package $79.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media

Optional Add-On $99.00
Work with one of our In-house professional logo designers one-on-one with unlimited revisions of your logo. Make your logo unique by changing shapes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, and any other changes you might need. The whole process typically takes 2-5 business days post-purchase.

Optional: $129.95
You can be the last person to buy your logo. Your logo will instantly be removed from the logo maker and will no longer be available for anyone to purchase.
Can I still make changes to my logo after I purchase it?
Yes. Our logo maker allows you to come back any time after your purchase and make changes to your logo and then download the new changes in all of the formats you will need.