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Emboss your name in the minds of fans. Music is a universal language, and as a DJ, you're its instructor. Whether you're a Radio DJ, a Club DJ, or a Mobile DJ, you're the entertainer who controls the rhythmic flow of music to liven up an event and making it memorable. With this talent, you need a strong signature to exemplify your musical personality. With little to no design experience, our inventive logo maker will guide you in creating an affordable and timeless DJ logo that will resonate with fans
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How to Create a DJ Logo Design
How to Create a DJ Logo Design
1. Create your DJ logo by entering your brand’s name in the box.
2. Select a logo template from our library that identifies with your genre.
3. If available, enter your slogan in the text box above.
4. You can now change the fonts, colors, size, and layouts to fit your brand identity.
5. Finally, you can instantly download your file in all formats–PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF.
DJ Logo Design Ideas
DJ Logo Design Ideas
There are masters in every industry. So it pays to glance at those in yours. Some could be your admirers and inspirers. If you admire their works, then take inspiration from their logos. DJ Carl Cox, DJ Tiesto, and DJ Snake readily come to mind. Please make a list of DJs with attractive brands, review their design elements, and emulate them in your logo. You can't create a unique logo without assessing your personality. Consider your musical genre, message, and persona. These pointers will start feeding your brain with ideas.
DJ Logo Design Tips
DJ Logo Design Tips
The DJ ( Disc Jockey ) market is saturated, yet many DJs think they can make it without branding. Dare to be exceptional and use branding to position yourself as an expert. DJing is a lucrative profession that demands uniqueness. You can create this uniqueness by following some essential design tips. You can use white and black for your DJ logo: these colors dominate the industry. Also, the design elements you use should balance with your personality and that of your fans. You can't finish your logo without learning from your competitors.

How to Make Your DJ Logo Stand Out from the Competition

1. Research Your DJ Competition
Research is the secret to all the catchy DJ logos you see around. Without brainstorming, the competition will swallow up your brand. First, write your vision, message, desired stage name, and the genre you want to play. Don't forget to look at iconic DJ logos. Your eyes should be on how they have collectively used fonts, colors, symbols, and layouts to achieve such recognition for their brands.

2. Pick a Suitable Logo Color
One or two colors are enough to represent your DJ logo. It's one way to create visibility. Most of the game-changers in the industry use black and white for their DJ's visual identity. When picking a color, consider your personality and fans. Are your niche upbeat records, then going for bright colors–red, blue, and yellow won't hurt your brand.

3. Typography
Your font pick should exemplify your genre. An elegant font should be your pick if you play classical music. For hard rock and electronic music, sharper fonts are great. Both choices will reflect your personality. To create a distinctive magic ambiance, aim for a readable font that spells your name, sound, and style. You can also consider using a custom font.

4. Icons
Symbols aren't a fancy element most DJs craved, but you will come across a few DJ logos with sound waves, turntables, headphones, crowns, wings, and microphones. If you’re bent on using symbols to separate from the competition, you can create a custom icon either from abstract images or from the letters of your name. DJ Carl Cox is a splendid example. The symbol you pick should scale and work together with the other features.

5. Logo Layout
Do you want your fans to forget you? Nope! That's the reason you must be visible to your followers. Therefore, think of where your audience will see your DJ logo and consider it when creating your emblem. Website, social media, and merchandise are the prominent places your signature will feature. Create a versatile logo to reach your fans wherever they hangout.

Frequently Asked Logo Maker Questions

How to Know It’s Time to Redo Your DJ Logo
1. When Your DJ Logo is not Memorable:
It's easy to recognize a great logo design. Take Nike's Swoosh logo; for instance, people can easily recognize and remember it wherever it shows up. If your logo design deviates from this rule, redesign it.

2. When Your DJ Logo is Loud:
Do I mean loud? Yes! Some logo designs can be brighter, noisy, and confusing. The issue with these logos is that they have too many design elements. They have more colors and symbols that end up distorting the actual message. Hire a designer to refresh such logos to a bare minimum.

3. When Your DJ Logo Font Choice is Bad:
Typography is crucial in logo designs. So the font you choose should align with the overall aim of your brand. If your font detaches from the other design elements, you need to update it to communicate well.

4. When You Use Irrelevant Symbol:
From a glance, your fans should know the industry you operate in and the service you offer by just looking at your logo. How does a book relate to music? You guess what I mean! It would help if you corrected any irrelevant symbol in your logo to convey the right personality.

5. When Your Logo Isn’t Scalable:
You should have the freedom to use your DJ logo in several ways. If your DJ visual identity isn't versatile enough to suit all marketing applications, you need to refresh it.
Best Font for a DJ Logo Design
As a DJ, you need a catchy and readable font to use on your visual identity. Kindly look at the seven typefaces recommended below:
1. Nixmat Font
2. Hugme Font
3. Moonhouse Font
4. Adamant Font
5. Pandora Font
6. Cyberhype Font
7. And Wright Font
Best Colors for a DJ Logo Design
1. Black:
Tiesto is the professional name for Tijs Michiel. He’s a DJ and a record producer from Netherland. Mix magazine named him the greatest DJ of all time, and many fans regard him as the "Godfather" of EDM. Tiesto's DJ logo is an emblem of a flying bird with a circle around it. This bold black emblem is a symbol of elegance and power.

2. White:
Carl Cox is from Britain, and he's well–known as a house and techno record producer. He dominated the electronica industry in the 1980s. The expert who created Carl's DJ logo used the letters from his names–C & C. For the letters to face the opposite directions, the designer mirrored the first C horizontally and blended into the second one. With extra design features, the emblem looks like a flying wing. This white and black attractive DJ logo conveys purity and cleanliness.

3. Red:
Sonny John Moore is an American DJ, record producer, songwriter, and singer. Professionally, he’s called Skrillex. Sonny won three Grammy Awards in 2011 from five nominations–Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica Album, and Best Remixed Recording (Non–Classical). He has a red and black DJ logo. The 4th, 5th, and the 6th letters of his iconic name–Skrillex represent three red sound waves. This red DJ logo represents love and passion.

4. Blue:
Canadian finest, DJ A–Trak, is a record producer and a DJ. He owns Fool’s Gold, a record label that brought Danny Brown and Kidi Cudi to the limelight. His biological name is Alain Macklovitch. Alain's DJ logo is a skewed 3D typeface of his stage name. The featured colors, blue and white, stand for peace and cleanliness.
What logo files will I receive with my new DJ logo?
With the standard pack you will receive:
- High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
- Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
- Files with transparent backgrounds

With the premium pack you will receive:
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media
How much does this DJ Logo Maker cost?
Our DJ Logo Maker is free to try. We have several options when purchasing and using our logo maker.

Standard Package $49.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds

Premium Package $79.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media

Optional Add-On $99.00
Work with one of our In-house professional logo designers one-on-one with unlimited revisions of your logo. Make your logo unique by changing shapes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, and any other changes you might need. The whole process typically takes 2-5 business days post-purchase.

Optional: $129.95
You can be the last person to buy your logo. Your logo will instantly be removed from the logo maker and will no longer be available for anyone to purchase.
Is this a free DJ logo maker?
Yes! It's absolutely free to use the logo maker and customize the different logos we offer. We do, however, charge a fee to own the copyright and download the logo files. We have different logo packages to choose from based on your budget and needs.
Will I have full ownership of my new logo?
Yes. All of our logo designs come with complete copyright and ownership. You will own your logo 100%.
Can I print my DJ logo on T-shirts and other items?
Yes. All of our logo packages will give you the proper vector files allowing you to print your logo on promotional items.