Farm and Agriculture Logos

Do you need a modern farm and agriculture logo? Fret no more! You till the land for crops and herbs and also raise livestock to feed the world. You're a lifesaver. You know, farm and agriculture have evolved from generic to brand, and that's why you're looking for a logo expert. We’re your last resort. Our innovative logo maker will help you create an affordable and gorgeous logo that makes consumers return season after season with zero design skills.
Farm and Agriculture Logos
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How to Create Farm and Agriculture Logo Design
How to Create Farm and Agriculture Logo Design
1. Create your farm and agriculture logo by entering your business name in the box.
2. Select a logo template from our library that identifies with your niche.
3. If available, enter your slogan in the text box above.
4. You can now change the fonts, colors, size, and layouts to fit your brand identity.
5. Finally, you can instantly download your farm logo in all formats–PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF.
Farm and Agriculture Logo Design Ideas
Farm and Agriculture Logo Design Ideas
No guesswork! It will help to start right. A sampling of ideas from the industry will spark some original thoughts you can rely on to create your logo. Involve your team in this vital exercise. Also, do not be afraid to step out of your industry to study other iconic emblems from different sectors. It will show you the standard features of an iconic logo. You and your team must focus on the design elements adopted by these established brands
Farm and Agriculture Logo Design Tips
Farm and Agriculture Logo Design Tips
Can customers live without buying from you? Yes! And that's the biggest challenge you need to solve. To separate your brand from rivals, you need to establish a strong brand identity. What's the unique feature of your butternut squash? Is it organic, tasty, or wholesome? Communicate these benefits via your logo design. Creating a recognizable logo demands that you have a coherent message, identify your potential consumers, incorporate suitable design elements, understand your rivals, and aim for a simple design.

How to Make Your Farm Logo Stand Out from the Competition

1. Communicate Your Farm Effectively
You have no business if you cannot communicate your brand message to your prospective audience. Why should a consumer part with her hard-earned money on your farm produce? Today's consumers are well–educated and health-conscious on what they consume. They can only spend their funds on products that satisfied their needs. So, paint a vivid picture of the benefits they will enjoy buying from you instead of a rival.

2. Identify Your Audience
The right message targeted at the wrong audience will spell disaster. There are varied consumers for farm and agriculture businesses. Some entrepreneurs are into plant food, fertilizer production, veterinary services, equipment manufacturing, equipment distribution, etc. All these niches have their prospective consumers. Identifying with your consumers will help create a logo that will speak only to them. It pays to research to find out data on your target audience.

3. Let Color Tell Your Story
Green is agriculture. That's a fact! Please look at some of them: pink petals, yellow flowers, green leaves, brown stem, white roots, orange fruits, and so on. Naturally, colors are the creation of farming and agriculture. Agriculture entrepreneurs cherished green, brown, and yellow. You can adopt rare colors like blue and red to create an exceptional logo design. Whatever color choice you make, it must be cohesive with the other design elements.

4. Use Matching Symbols
Nature is beautiful and full of a plethora of symbols you can use for your logo. Traditionally, most entrepreneurs in this industry love to use icons to convey what they produce and sell. You aren't limited to birds, fishes, flowers, tractors, fields, corn, vegetables, and fruits. Your imagination only limits you. Take inspiration from your environment and create an inspiring logo. Again, the other design elements must be in harmony with your image to convey your brand identity. Remember, you can also do without symbols.

5. Use Captivating Farm Font
Your business name is the most vital part of your brand identity. To a greater extent, it's the first aspect of your logo that will interact with consumers. Aim to imprint your brand name in consumers' minds by adopting a captivating font that's unique and readable. You can use clean sans–serif fonts, formal serif fonts, or elegant script font to magnify your brand philosophy. Again, let the font chosen to agree with the color, icon, and layout.

Frequently Asked Logo Maker Questions

How to Know It’s Time to Redo Your Farm Logo
1. Your Business Name is Missing:
Your business name should be the center of attraction. Luckily, you can create a stunning farm and agriculture logo without a symbol. But to create a logo without a name is rare. It took Apple decades of intensive marketing campaigns to achieve this symbolic identity. You must take a second look at your logo if your business name is missing or a symbol has overshadowed it.

2. Unnecessary Graphic Elements:
Perhaps, after brainstorming for logo ideas, you settled on many design elements you think aligned with your brand persona. Your logo can look attractive, but your target audience may have difficulties making sense of your message. Too many design elements in a logo calls for immediate redesigning to make it simple.

3. Unsupported Layouts:
Have you considered where to use your logo? Are you going to feature it on a website, equipment, packaging box, business cards, t-shirts, cups, and many others? If your logo lacks the purpose of scalability, it's advisable to head to the designing office for an expert update.

4. Bad Font Selection:
The choice of font usage influences the clarity of a brand message. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to read the name and slogan of the company. When this occurs, it's a result of a lousy font selection. When consumers can't recount your brand name, find the next available graphic artist to mend your logo.

5. Bad Farm Color Combinations:
Consider a blue caption on a solid red background. Can you guess the effect? Colors, though essential, can mar the appearance and message of your logo when wrongly chosen. Your ultimate aim is to make your lettering readable on any background color you pick. An ineffective color mixture is a good signal for a logo redesigning.
Best Fonts for a Farm and Agriculture Logo Design
Kindly look at some suitable fonts you can start using for your farm and agriculture logo design below. Alternatively, you can browse through our gallery for more options.
1. Khula font
2. Teko font
3. Cormorant font
4. Cutive Mono font
5. Expletus Sans font
6. Boogaloo font
7. And Prompt font
Best Colors for a Farm and Agriculture Logo Design
1. Green:
Empire Kosher deals with quality kosher poultry products. Its emblem is a firm green oval with its name written in white, and it has a leaf as its icon. The green recalls natural and healthy eating, while the white supports a clean environment.

2. Brown:
Farmers Business Network aims to put farmers first. Using green and brown against a neutral background color, it has seedling sprouts from the soil as its logo design. Again, the green stands for freshness and organic, while the brown symbolizes the earth and reliability.

3. Orange:
The color orange recounts energy and balance. Golden Harvest, a producer of hybrid seeds, has a simple logo featuring three orange, black, and blue leaves. You can easily link the black to wealth and power while attaching serenity and stability to blue.

4. Yellow:
John Deere specializes in the manufacturing and selling of agriculture equipment. It has a solid emblem made up of yellow and green, and it features a running horse as its symbol. The horse depicts the strength of their products, the yellow for creativity, and the green for the environment.

5. Red:
Red is here! Seneca Foods has taken the rare path to adopt a red–typeface has its emblem with a flowing symbol that looks like a leaf beneath it. It deals with integrated fruits and vegetable processing. The red symbolizes desire and vitality.
Can I print my farm logo on T-shirts, mugs, and other items?
Yes. All of our logo packages will give you the proper vector files allowing you to print your logo on promotional items.
How much does this Farm Logo Maker cost?
Our Farm Logo Maker is free to try. We have several options when purchasing and using our logo maker.

Standard Package $49.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds

Premium Package $79.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media

Optional Add-On $99.00
Work with one of our In-house professional logo designers one-on-one with unlimited revisions of your logo. Make your logo unique by changing shapes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, and any other changes you might need. The whole process typically takes 2-5 business days post-purchase.

Optional: $129.95
You can be the last person to buy your logo. Your logo will instantly be removed from the logo maker and will no longer be available for anyone to purchase.
Is this a free farm logo maker?
Yes! It's absolutely free to use the logo maker and customize the different logos we offer. We do, however, charge a fee to own the copyright and download the logo files. We have different logo packages to choose from based on your budget and needs.
Will I have full ownership of my new farm logo?
Yes. All of our logo designs come with complete copyright and ownership. You will own your logo 100%.
What logo files will I receive with my new logo?
With the standard pack you will receive:
- High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
- Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
- Files with transparent backgrounds

With the premium pack you will receive:
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media