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Are you aspiring to raise the bar? Be bold, different, and creative! You're an expert in your chosen profession–interpreting the law and upholding justice. And you've made integrity the core of your career. A powerful attorney logo for your law firm will proclaim your reputation and expertise to the right clients. Our inventive attorney logo maker will lead you to create a spectacular and influential attorney brand that will reinforce your profile and attract new clients. Remember, you don't need any design know-how.
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How to Create Attorney Logo Design
How to Create Attorney Logo Design
1. Create your attorney logo by entering your firm’s name in the box.
2. Select a logo template from our library that identifies with your specialization.
3. If available, enter the slogan of your law firm.
4. You can now change the fonts, colors, size, and layouts to fit your brand identity.
5. Finally, you can instantly download your attorney logo files in all formats–PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF.
Attorney Logo Design Ideas
Attorney Logo Design Ideas
You always plan court cases ahead of time before representing your clients. It's no different from creating a powerful brand that will define and defend your loyalty and experience. Our database has bespoke templates of countless professionally designed attorney and law firm logos you can use to generate ideas. Also, noting how other law firms have created their brands' should be part of your evaluation. Consider what you like and dislike about their choice of fonts, colors, symbols, and layouts. Factoring in this information will help you create a better logo for your law firm. Aim to extract ideas from multiple sources.
Attorney Logo Design Tips
Attorney Logo Design Tips
Whatever your legal specialization–criminal, real estate, intellectual property, immigration, taxation, etc. you have to stand out from other legal practitioners. It will give you a better chance to attract high-quality clients and signal your brand as the ultimate best in your niche. Having consulted for many successful professionals, we know that the right message and information about your rivals and ideal clients are crucial for creating a brand that will lure clients. Equally, it pays to choose suitable design elements that exude the feelings and personality of your brand. Adhering to these design tips is your first step toward having a robust logo design.

How to Make Your Logo Design Stand Out from the Competition

1. Keep Eagle-Eyes on Competitors
Like humans, businesses have their strengths and weaknesses. It's a pearl of fundamental business wisdom to capitalize on your rivals' weaknesses while adopting and improving on their strengths. Take your time to conduct competitor research. Outline a series of questions about your competitors and find answers to them. Information from this exercise will become your trusted weapon to use against them. If you cannot monitor them, they will spy on you.

2. Pick an Area Specific Symbol
Most attorney logos do not feature icons. In case you want to include an icon, let copyright infringement guide you. Familiar icons you can find are the gavel, star, column, and the famous justice scale. You can try something unique by picking a distinct character that aligns with your field of specialization. Note also that this choice must evoke your brand persona. Cohesiveness with the other elements must be your goal.

3. Pick Legible Typography
A clean and readable font will make your brand become a household name. Aren't you aiming for this? Most attorney firms prefer Serif fonts in their designs. You can get clients raising their eyebrows by opting for a sans–serif fonts. While a serif gives a traditional feel, a sans–serif fonts make your brand look modern.

4. Pick a Suitable Color Scheme
Fairness, intelligence, loyalty, confidence, and professionalism are a few traits that clients expect from an attorney. Can you continue reminding clients about these values? Yes, you can! Your color scheme selection can communicate these qualities to clients. Try to use color psychology to understand the meanings of colors. Using blue can convey to clients you’re trustworthy. Always make sure your color shades differ from your rivals. Also, you can use a monochrome color.

5. Focus on Versatile Layout
As a modern attorney, you have many mediums to connect and interact with your clients, from business cards, letterheads, and signage to website, social media, and billboards. Your completed logo must fit all applications with ease. To ensure your logo works on all applications, you should aim for a minimalist layout.

Frequently Asked Logo Maker Questions

How to Know It’s Time to Redo Your Logo Design
1. Using a Wrong Typography:
Fonts are a crucial part of logo design. So, when the font used in your logo design is not clean, bold, and readable, you must refresh it to convey the envisioned brand’s personality.

2. Using a Wrong Color:
Colors help in grabbing attention and evoking emotions. When your color preference is not stimulating your brand's right emotions, redesigning should be your next plan of action.

3. Using Wrong Layouts:
Consider where you want to use your logo. If your logo can work better on a billboard but can’t fit on your business card and website where you needed it most, then you have a logo design that needs tweaking.

4. Using Raster Images:
Using a raster image in your logo design only projects a negative vibe. A trained graphic designer will not use such an image when creating a logo. If your logo design has a raster image, it’s a sign that you need to engage a professional.

5. Using Complex Designs:
You're letting down your clients if they struggle to interpret your logo design. It's not good for your business. A logo design aims to offer a clear message. You need to take a second look at your brand if you find yourself in this situation.
Best Fonts for an Attorney Logo Design
These are a few recommended and suitable fonts you can use for your attorney logo design. As an attorney aiming for uniqueness, you can commission a typographer to create a custom font for your firm.
1. Pantra font
2. Averta font
3. Noyh font
4. Nexa font
5. Panton font
6. Cera Pro font
7. And Lato font
Best Colors for an Attorney Logo Design
1. Blue:
Kirkland & Ellis, the largest law firm by revenue, affectionately has a single typeface (a white letter K) on a blue background. The firm boasts over 2,700 lawyers who work tirelessly on corporate, intellectual property, and restructuring works. Kirkland is conveying to clients they are trustworthy, peaceful, and stable by adopting the color blue.

2. Black:
Well, the night is here! Cleary Gottlieb, an international law firm with about 1,300 lawyers across 50 countries, loves black. Its clean logo design features white initials on a solid black background. Clients will perceive Cleary Gottlieb as unique, powerful, and protective.

3. Green:
Green is a symbol of eco-friendliness. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, a legal powerhouse with about 1,100 lawyers to advise clients on corporate, litigation, and restructuring challenges, has adopted a green and white simple logo. The color green expresses compassion and reliability.

4. White:
White, the neutral color in most attorney logo designs, is the background color housing the red letter–M in Milbank's emblem. Milbank LLP prides itself as “the merger of excellence and grit.” They advise clients on legal issues about the capital market, real estate, and taxation, to list a few. The color white signifies humility, cleanliness, and reverence.

5. Red:
Skadden's name rests cozily on a red background. Skadden aimed to deliver the highest quality legal work in restructuring, finance, real estate, mass torts, and securities litigation. For using red means, Skadden wants clients to perceive it as passionate, aggressive, and powerful.
Is this a free attorney and law firm logo maker?
Yes! It's absolutely free to use the logo maker and customize the different logos we offer. We do, however, charge a fee to own the copyright and download the logo files. We have different logo packages to choose from based on your budget and needs.
What logo files will I receive with my new attorney logo?
With the standard pack you will receive:
- High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
- Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
- Files with transparent backgrounds

With the premium pack you will receive:
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media
Can I print my attorney logo on T-shirts, mugs, and other items?
Yes. All of our logo packages will give you the proper vector files allowing you to print your logo on promotional items.
Will I have full ownership of my new law firm logo?
Yes. All of our logo designs come with complete copyright and ownership. You will own your logo 100%.
How much does this Logo Maker cost?
Our Logo Maker is free to try. We have several options when purchasing and using our logo maker.

Standard Package $49.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds

Premium Package $79.95
High-resolution files (PNG and JPG)
Vector files (SVG, EPS and PDF)
Files with transparent backgrounds
Unlimited edits using our Logo Maker
Multiple logo variations for Social Media

Optional Add-On $99.00
Work with one of our In-house professional logo designers one-on-one with unlimited revisions of your logo. Make your logo unique by changing shapes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, and any other changes you might need. The whole process typically takes 2-5 business days post-purchase.

Optional: $129.95
You can be the last person to buy your logo. Your logo will instantly be removed from the logo maker and will no longer be available for anyone to purchase.