Non-Profit Logo Designs

Below are Non-Profit logo designs submitted by our logo design community.
LogoMyWay is a very unique and affordable way to obtain a logo design for your Non-Profit organization.
You can get started now and see design concepts within a couple hours of launching your logo contest.
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Logo Design Ideas by LogoMyWay
Logo Design Ideas by LogoMyWay
When designing logos you need to be creative and make sure the logo you are creating is simple to read and understand. It's all about branding and standing out from your competitors. Take a look at these logo design ideas by some of our top logo designers at LogoMyWay.
Logo Design Top Pin Adrenaline
Logo Design Top Pin Adrenaline
Another great logo design by a Jkonesko. This logo designer is from the United States. This logo was created for a company called Top Pin Adrenaline, a production company dedicated to wildlife.
Logo Design Fat Boy Auctions
Logo Design Fat Boy Auctions
This eye-catching logo was designed by one of our top logo designers from Italy (Nagi12) Fatboy Auctions, auction off returned items both online and and from their warehouse locations.
Logo Design Prime Recordning
Logo Design Prime Recordning
This unique, creative logo design was designed by a logo designer from Italy (Iorget) Prime Recording is a recording studio located in Nashville, TN
Logo Design Morrison Metals
Logo Design Morrison Metals
This versatile logo design was created by a logo designer from Indonesia (Ditojaquar) Morrison Metals recycles any unwanted scrap metal from machine shops.
Logo Design Savvy Sweets
Logo Design Savvy Sweets
This simple, but very effective logo design was designed by a logo designer from Italy (Roya) Savvy Sweets is a pastry business that sells cookies, cupcakes, cakes, brownies and lots of other sweet treats.

Frequently Asked Logo Design Questions

How can I design my own logo?
A lot of people when starting out in business or becoming an entrepreneur think they have a good vision and can design their own logo. If you want to design your own logo, you should take your time and do your research. You don't want to keep changing and updating your logo.

You'll need to consider colors, fonts and shapes with your logo. If you do not want to run a logo contest we have a Logo Maker that allows you to select from hundreds of logos created by our design community. Once you put in your business name you can then select the logo you think best fits your brand. You can change the fonts, colors and shapes.

Once you have designed your logo all you need to do is download the high resolution logo files and you're ready to go. You can also hire one of our logo designers to work one-on-one with making even more custom changes to the logo you designed.
What do I Need to Know Before Designing a Logo?
Every company needs a great logo. Before you begin designing your logo, though, there are a few important things you need to know. To make sure you have all bases covered, here are some things you need to consider before the design process begins.

Know What Messages You Want to Convey
Logos can convey important messages in just a glance, and before you begin designing your logo it's important to know what points you want to get across. Pinpoint a few ideas and messages that you want your logo to convey, then effectively communicate these goals to your logo designer for a logo that casts your business in the best possible light.

Know Your Design Theme
Since your business logo will likely appear as a design element on your website, your social media profiles, your products packaging, and more, it's important to understand how your logo design will fit in with the overall design theme of your business. It's always possible to build the rest of your designs around your logo, but it's certainly helpful to know the overall theme of your business design before your logo is created.

Know What You are Looking for
When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, you'll be able to receive dozens of different designs. Having so many options to choose from makes it much easier to find the perfect logo design, but it is still going to be a much easier and more beneficial process if you at least have a broad idea of what you are looking for upfront. The more instructions that you are able to give to your designers, the better your chances will be of designing a logo that meets your expectations.

Get Started Designing Your Logo Today
At LogoMyWay, we're simplifying the logo design process, making it easier than ever before to design a high-quality logo without breaking the bank. Once you know the messages you want to convey, the overall design theme of your business, and a broad idea of what you are looking for in your logo, you'll be all set to start your very own logo design contest.
Why a Unique Logo Design is Important for Your Business
There's much more to a great logo than meets the eye. If you own a business, a professional, unique logo is one of the most effective marketing tools that you have available. Below, we'll look at just a few of the reasons why a unique logo design is so important for your business.
Logos Help Establish Your Brand Image

Building a desirable image for your brand is an essential ingredient for bringing in new customers, and having a unique and recognizable logo is one of the best ways to help establish a brand image for your business. When customers are able to recognize your logo and associate it with your brand, good things happen.

Logos Convey Important Messages
Every business has important messages that they want to convey to prospective customers, and many of these messages can be conveyed through your logo alone. A talented logo designer will be able to take the messages and points you want to get across and create a unique logo that captures some of the most important aspects of your business in just a few words and images.

Logos are the Cornerstone of Your Business's Design
From the design of the label on your products to design of your website, most of your business's designs are going to be built around your logo. Since your logo is going to appear as an essential component of almost every design that your business produces, it's important to start with a high-quality, unique logo that will serve as a cornerstone for you to build the rest of your designs around.

Design Your Unique Logo Today
Creating a professional, unique logo for your business will provide you with a versatile tool that you can use for many years to come. To get started creating your own unique logo design, we invite you to start a logo design contest on LogoMyWay today!
Are colors important in a logo design?
Yes, colors are very important. Different colors can bring out different emotions in people. For example Red stands for power, confidence and energy. Blue stands for serenity, stability and peacefulness. Green in a logo design stands for health, tranquility and freshness. Yellow stands for fun, friendliness, caution and happiness. Black in a logo design stands for seriousness, sophistication and elegance.

When designing or improving your current logo, make sure you do your search and understand what each color stands for. You want your logo to make a lasting impression and give off the right vibe to your customers.
What are the five characteristics of a great logo?
1. Keep it simple
2. Scalable - Your logo should look clean and simple when scaled down.
3. Memorable - A good logo should make a lasting impression.
4. Versatile - It should look amazing on many platforms, including websites and social media sites.
5. Relevant to your business and brand.
How do I choose a good logo?
1. Check out your competitor's logos.
2. Pay attention to colors and know what emotion they portray.
3. Select the right typography.
4. Look for the inspiration in your logo design.
5. You need to define your brand identity.
6. Make sure your logo is simple and not complicated.
7. Make sure it's memorable and unique.
What fonts should I consider for my logo design?
Fonts just like colors will provoke different emotions out of people. For example, If you are a Bail Bondsman looking for a logo, you should use fonts that are bold, convey strength and authority. If you are a Children's Daycare Center, you would use fonts that are colorful, petite, and delicate. Deciding what font is best for your new logo will be an important part of your business and brand.
What are some mistakes to avoid when designing a logo?
One of the biggest mistakes people make is designing a logo that is messy and complicated with too much detail. You don't want your customers to have to study your logo to find out what you do. At a glance your logo should stand out, and let your customers know what type of business you are in.
Who designed these logos?
LogoMyWay has over 30,000 logos from all over the world. These logos have been created by our design community. They are all different businesses that used our service to find a unique creative logo.