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Chicago Illinois Logo Designers
Chicago Popcorn Logo Design
Chicago Popcorn Logo Design
This Chicago logo designer did a great job coming up with a logo that was modern and simple. The client wanted something that would be memorable at a glance for branding their business. This logo looks great on all of their marketing material and merchandise.
Chicago Photo Camps Logo Design
Chicago Photo Camps Logo Design
This company is a photography camp for teens over school breaks. The logo designer that designed this logo did an amazing job with colors and shapes. It's versatile, classic and simple making it perfect for their business.
Chicago's Pizza Logo Design
Chicago's Pizza Logo Design
This Chicago based business sells deep dish pizza and wanted a logo that said exactly what they sold at a glance. The logo designer did a fantastic job putting together a classic logo that is memorable and unique.
If you own a company in Chicago, designing a high-quality, professional logo is one of the first and most important steps to establishing your brand identity. A great logo can go a long way toward helping your company meet its marketing objectives, serving as a cornerstone for the rest of your company’s designs as well as a powerful marketing tool that you can use to grow your brand awareness.

There was a time not too long ago when designing a logo was an expensive and time-consuming process. Thanks to LogoMyWay, though, this is no longer the case. At LogoMyWay, we are proud to partner with business owners throughout Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding area in order to match them up with talented logo designers from all over the world.

When you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, you will be able to receive dozens or even hundreds of unique designs in real-time. You can then work with the designers directly to request any changes you might like before choosing the logo design that you like best and declaring the contest winner. Variety is the spice of life, and at LogoMyWay we are all about providing plenty of variety when it comes to the designs that you receive.

If your Chicago-based company is need of a fantastic new logo that will set your brand apart from the competition, we invite you to create your very own logo design contest on LogoMyWay today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many logo designs can I expect to receive?
The number of design entries that you can expect to receive when you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay varies depending on how much prize money that you are offering. For prize amounts that range from $200-$400, you can look forward to receiving 40-100 unique designs. For prize amounts that range from $400-$1,000, you can look forward to receiving as many as 100-500 unique design entries. This large number of designs makes it easy to find the perfect logo design for your company!
How many Chicago Logo Designers does LogoMyWay have?
At LogoMyWay, we are proud to have thousands of logo designers who work out of Chicago and the surrounding area. Across the globe, there are over 30,00 talented designers who work on the platform.
How much does it cost to hire a logo designer in Chicago Illinois?
Posting a logo design contest on LogoMyWay costs $39. In addition to this charge, you will also need to set a prize amount that will be awarded to the designer of the winning logo design. Prize amounts can range from $200-$1,000, and the more prize money that you offer, the more talented logo designers you can expect your contest to attract.
Can I request changes to a design that I receive?
Yes, you can ask for as many changes as you would like during and after the logo contest. This includes changes to the color scheme, changes to the font, changes to the design itself, and everything in-between.