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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Shelby
My experience with LogoMyWay was so great! It was super easy, very exciting to see so many peoples renditions of my logo, and I got so much for my money! I will recommend this site to anyone in search of a great logo designer!
Website: Shelbysnacks.com

Name: ModernAM
We had a great experience selecting the right logo that clearly represents what we’re all about. It is true, you will need to be patient in selecting the logo. Although we really liked the logos that were presented in the beginning, the best ones tend to show up towards the end. Artists were easy to work with, professional and very patient in modifying logos based on our feedback. Highly worth the time and value.
Website: modernappraisalmanagement.com

Name: Buzz Baby
Logomyway.com provides access to highly talented, creative and responsive designers. We are extremely pleased with our winning logo - it has brought our brand alive.
Website: Buzzbaby.co.uk

Name: Chris
Loved my experience! I did my research and found that this was the best price and offered better options. The designers really came through even though my contest was one of the cheapest. It took me a week to decide between my top three. I'm very happy with my choice and I might just end up buying the other two designs! Also, LMW replied to my questions within hours. That's says a lot since I'm in Japan. Would highly recommend. Will use again for my next design!
Website: okinawabootcamp.com

Name: vaporcraziness
We have used LogoMyWay a few times now to get logos for our businesses. Every time we post a contest we get tons of designs that are business worthy and very brandable. We have received excellent service from the admins when we had questions as well, I would definitely recommend this site to anyone!
Website: vaporcraziness

Name: Jeffrey Fritz
Can't believe how great our logo came out.
Website: None

I was really happy with the LogoMyWay experience. It is great to be able to have access to dozens of designers with their own unique styles. You can update instructions and give feedback during the whole process, which I found really helpful too. The whole experience was a lot of fun and I couldn't recommend it more.
Website: Workingmotheroftheyear.com

Name: Metsker Maps
We didn't know exactly what we wanted in a logo so it was ideal to have input from a wide variety of people. Giving feedback to the designers only made our choices better and our final design was something we were very happy with!
Website: Metskers.com

Name: dallasviper
I've had my logo for almost a year now. Couldn't be more happy!! It was a fun and easy experience. The price is unbeatable! I would highly recommend logomyway.com to anyone looking for a new logo without a doubt!
Website: 323services.com

Name: www.dürrboden.ch
We created our logo 5 years ago with Logomyway. Were, are still very happy with it.
Website: dürrboden.ch

Name: John Hartley
I had a GREAT experience with LogoMyWay. When I first started the contest, I had a vision of what my logo would look like. The designers did a great job putting my vision on paper. The designers were patient with me, and my changes, and the product was a great design. I never get tired of seeing my logo and I am always getting compliments. If you follow my Facebook link from my website, you will see I am always taking a picture of my truck and logo. Love it! I highly recommend LogoMyWay, it was well worth the investment.
Website: waterbladepw.com

Name: Irene
So easy! Let the experts design your Logo. I was thrilled to have so many exceptional designs to choose from. Echo Lake loves, loves, loves showing off our Logo. And everyone gives us a High 5.
You can't go wrong choosing logomyway to help you get that look you deserve.
A big thank you!! Will use again.
Website: www.echolakefarm.com

Name: Guth
All good
Very easy process from start to finish.
heaps of different designs to work with.
Website: www.guthriefencing.com.au

Name: Bartender
Just completed a logo competition and even with my low budget i now have a Fortune 500 type logo (only much cooler) thanks to logomyway.com and logo designer Schofield from the United Kingdom. Make sure you invite Schofield to participate in your logo contest. You will wind up with an exciting concept for your business, club, etc. Susie, NYC
Website: None

Name: Bob Williams
I cannot say more about this approach. Dick Close, whom I have never met, came up with the winning logo and I have been using it for years. He even contacted me two years later and offered to tailor the logo for Favebook, free of charge. I love my logo!
Website: Filmsforgood.com

Name: LV Doctor
I was very pleased with my experience using logomyway. I received over 100 submissions, at least 15 of which were better than our former logo so it actually made the decision tough! The artist was great to work with as we tweaked it, and we are thrilled with our new logo. I have recommended logomyway to several other organizations.
Website: None

Name: Green Sphere
I used LogoMyWay to try to find someone graphically and artistically inclined to design a logo for my company. I had some specific requirements and was extremely surprised at how many different logo options people sent me to evaluate. It was easy and fast. I have already recommended logomyway to many business partners and friends. Keep up the great work.
Website: Greensphere.ca

Name: TrueDrool.com
TrueDrool.com is home of the -BIG DOG BOX- subscription service for pets.
Our Logo needed to be unique, fun and recognizable for our brand.

LogoMyWay nailed it! Simple.... Easy.... Fast
Website: TrueDrool.com

Name: Joyce Schoettler
Our medical practice needed a fresh look and logo to go with it. We couldn't get the right style and fit through one designer, but once we posted on LogoMyWay we got to see many ideas that helped us discover exactly what features we liked, and gradually morph it into a logo we all liked. Great way to tap into multiple talented designers' ideas.
Website: None

Name: Aneta
Great experience. It was a little overwhelming with all the different designs. You really have to be actively involved in guiding the designers and know what you want. Plus, you really have to have a good eye or help in picking the one you want. I am very happy with the design I got, because I feel it is timeless and classic.
Website: StaronRealEstate.com

Average Rating 4.8/5 Stars Out Of 435 Reviews

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