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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Sheri
Our office has used logomyway for four of our Associations and we have had a great experience with all of them. Anytime a group needs a new look, this is the first place that we tell them they should start. The designers provide wonderful options and we have been very happy with the outcome.
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Name: Scott
Great experience overall. Excellent communication with everyone involved. The addition of the logo is another step in taking the business to the next level.
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Name: Steve
What a great experience - this is my second time using logomyway. I was able to see over 600 options. I was able to work with the final designer to make a few small changes at the end to get the exact look I wanted to achieve.
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Name: John Hartley
I had an excellent experience with LogoMyWay and the designer who won my contest! I offered a $1,000 prize for the winner of my contest and I received almost 1,000 designs. The designers were very patient as they turned my thoughts into a design. Once I saw what I initially pictured, I made several changes and ultimately went a completely different way.

The designers also police their own so if a designer copies off another artist, that design is contested and removed. I am VERY happy with the logo I chose and I am always getting compliments on the design. My first customer called me the same day I had the logo installed on my truck. She told me she thought it looked so professional, she had to call me. She is still a customer today and it started with my logo. Please check out the logo on my web site.
Website: waterbladepw.com

Name: R Nichols
Logomyway has been a great experience! This rating is for my second time in opening a contest to create a logo. The website is almost complete and knowing that I have an artistic and unique logo design is exciting!

At logomyway the designers are creative and and very talented! They submit an array of artistic ideas to choose from. Designers are easy to work with and reply promptly with revisions. The website is user friendly.

I have a third logo design in the works and the experience is the same. Amazing!!!

With logomyway you are working with talented and professional designers. Logomyway is an excellent and valuable tool in designing your web page or business entity!! If you want a logo that represents the vision of your idea, I highly recommend logomyway!
Website: SharedParentingInfo.com

Name: Corey
I have now used this method twice for two different companies and always end up with great options and results. The artists are very receptive to feedback and I have found the more feedback the better the results. I would highly recommend this option for finding the right logo for your business.
Website: None

Name: arahant
Great way to get ideas from around the world for a logo - all for a very reasonable price to match your budget! Fantastic business model.
Website: www.rulescape.biz

Name: Docjoyce
Fantastic experience. So much talent at your fingertips, from all over the world, at a price set by you. For people like me who don't really know what style they like at first, it can get very expensive to hire one designer only to find out you really don't like their style. This allowed me to see the possibilities and how multiple artists would interpret what I was trying to convey to my audience.
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Name: OpremaR
We couldn't be more satisfied. When we made a logo contest we have expect to receive few logos but we received hundreds of them, one better than another. Decision was very hard, so many talented designers on one place.
Logomyway is one of the best and useful sites on web. We would recommend this to everyone.
Website: www.oprema-radman.hr

Name: Joseph
Awesome, useful and best experience. Warmly recommend!
Website: None

Name: Coffeelabzh
The easy way to get your logo in 10 days... you tell them how you want your logo should be and you'll get more than enough option. really recommended.
Website: None

Name: a2fit
We were going back and forth with our old logo and a good friend of mine who had used Logo My Way before and had a positive experience referred me to the site. I received over 150 submissions and finally on the last day found the one we were crazy about. I am sold on Logo My Way as a cost effective way to pool some of the most talented graphic artists. We are going to continue to use your site and look forward to future submissions!
Website: www.cervifit.com

Name: CSID
Coming up with my own logo was proving challenging. I used LogoMyWay and was able to post my vision, and my budget. I received over 150 entries and finally decided on one. My designer was responsive, and eager to reach my objective.

Love the service and the price. I would recommend to everyone!!!
Website: www.csidinc.com

Name: Lizette
I have used LogoMyWay 3 times for different companies and have recommended to many of my clients. I LOVE LogoMyWay. Easy process, great designs, wonderful designers.... Really recommend them!!!!
Website: www.infrasu.com

Name: TGC
I was ready to rebrand and I needed a new logo. I started local and wasted money on work I hated. Then I found LogoMyWay and started a $500 contest. I was BLOWN away!!! They work was so much better quality, the creativity was through the roof. The worst thing about it is I had 100s of submissions. But with a critical eye and lots of help, we landed on our logo. Our designer made edits and changes to get it perfect and then we had the Logo we always wanted! Thank you LogoMyWay. You rock!!
Website: www.TheGardenContinuum.com

Name: Terry
I had two logos developed for our ad clients. Both were done painlessly. The finished projects were on time on spec and totally professional. Both clients were extremely pleased. One is displayed here.
Website: terrylodercreative.com

Name: Juggle
We had a wonderful experience with LOGOMYWAY. It was the highlight through a lot of dull work to get a business up and running. Each submission was exciting. The administrator and the designer we ended up choosing were two of the most accommodating people I've ever worked with. Joe assured me that we could continue to extend the contest until we were all 100% satisfied with our logo.

I would recommend to any user to communicate and comment on the submissions as they come in because the designers are all really willing to work with you and tweak designs.
The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 was because we didn't get a TON of submissions, however, we still ended up completely satisfied. I would definitely use them again!
Website: None

Name: sghsurveyor
I was very happy with the designs I received. The site was great to work on. Everyone raves about our "new" logo.
Website: compasspointsurvey.com

Name: Kreig
LogoMyWay was a fast, affordable way to get an outstanding logo for our school's re-branding efforts. We were please with the artist who created our logo and the company that connected us :)
Website: None

Name: Henry mosquera
Great designers, different concepts and easy communication with host and designers.
Would recommend to anyone trying to find a unique professional logo for their business.
Website: None

Average Rating 4.8/5 Stars Out Of 468 Reviews

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