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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Alex
Very professional service, a wide choice to choose from. Recommended, made 2 logos with logomyway! :)
Website: www.djeuphoria.com

Name: Brook
What a great service. It was great getting so many options to choose from. If I had gone to a local graphic designer, I would have only had 2-3 options. This was a great way to get a variety of designs to choose from. Pricing was very reasonable. And it was quick. We were able to have a new logo for our company in 2 weeks. I would recommend this (and have) to anyone looking for a new logo.
Website: None

Name: Byrdman
Great customer service. I called late and expected a call back the next business day. I got a call in 5 minutes and great service. Thanks!
Website: www.sonomahomefinder.com

Name: Jason
I have had many people ask me if our company is part of a larger, national firm because our logo is so well designed. I had a great time looking at all of the logo submissions. It was great to have so many ideas and options to choose from. I found myself going back to the page many times each day and night that the contest ran. It became an obsession.

I have referred friends to logomyway and used it a couple of other times myself, always having a great result.
Website: www.iqmodular.com

Overall, very good. Took a while to get the hang of communicating our thoughts to the contestants, but once that happened, the process worked very well and we were pleased with the results based on our investment in the contest.
Website: sfma.org

Name: The Dream Team
Someone referred us to your website. We were not sure what to expect. My partner and I were extremely happy. It was a great experience and loved the process.
Website: thedream-team.com

Name: Healthy Minds
It was overall a good experience. I think it is a great way to find what it is you want. I had ideas in mind however, once I saw them come to life I noticed what I wanted changed and shifted. The designers were all professional and really talented. It took a while to decide what I wanted because I had so many good options.
Website: None

Name: Roger
I've used them a few times and the experience has always been great. Using a local graphic designer only gives you a few design options, where LMW has hundreds of designers throwing ideas at you. You get to pick logos that you like throughout the contest which allows other designers to hone in on what you like and taylor your ideas. It's a great experience for people willing to pay attention to their own design process and help designers help YOU.

Haverhill, MA
Website: wildridecustoms.com

Name: Mazy Ahiers
I had a wonderful experience both times I needed a logo. Can't recommend your service enough. The talent and ongoing communication was beyond my expectation.
Website: www.theahiersgroup.com

Name: Rodney
We were able to dramatically improve the professional look of our logo by going with LogoMyWay. There were many great logos offered during the contest, but we chose one that reflected the most about our mission and identity.

We received a great value for the service and work that went into the logo contest. I highly recommend this service.
Website: www.EffectsOfGrace.org

Name: Eric
This is simply the best and most cost effective to brand a business, product, or company if you are not a graphic designer yourself. I have referred many people, with no commission because I know they will be happy with the results.
Website: www.launchrelief.com

Name: Tweed
I have had this company do three logo's for my businesses and each one was awesome. Professional, creative awesome people to work with and I love each of my logo's
Website: None

Name: Cutter
Excellent service with several artists and designers giving us a selection that could not be beat. Very difficult to pick one design, but we are very pleased with our selection and final design. Thanks to all who participated in designing our logo selections!
Website: www.smartcutz.com

Name: Hector J. Bones
I have made 4 logos already on LogoMyWay. I must say it has been the greatest experience I've ever had. After the third logo contest, I tried to do a logo with a local designer and it was the biggest headache and mistake I've ever made. LogoMyWay give you access to thousands of designers around the world.

The quality of the logos and having thousands of ideas and logo concepts at your disposition is great. The best thing about LogoMyWay is the customer service they provide. Quick responses to emails, time extensions, handling of disputes and they make sure you are 100% satisfied with your final logo all the time. This is not something they just say, they actually do it 100% of the time.
Website: None

Name: The Executive Group
We had a great experience with logomyway. The contest supplied lots of entries with varying designs. The only complaint would be the language barrier between some of the designers. Many are from different countries, so when they are asked to make a change, they don't exactly get it right the first time. Something was getting lost in translation. Other than that, good work and plenty of options. Wish it would have been easier to communicate with designers.
Website: None

Name: Dr. John D. Foubert, LLC
I am so thrilled with my experience at Logomyway! I tried cheap sites and they sold me other people's logos (illegally and not to my knowledge). With Logomyway, I had over 200 choices made just for me by great designers. My friends voted and affirmed I made the right choice. If anyone ever asks me where to get a logo done, I'll let them know Logomyway is the ONLY place to go!
Website: johnfoubert.com

Name: Brent B
This is my second experience using Logo My Way. I would strongly recommend them. Process is easy, you get results in the matter of hours. I would suggest making general comments on which designs you like to lead the artist design efforts. Before selecting my final submission I used Survey Monkey to poll 150 people which logo they liked the best. I did this using the files from Logo My Way before having to select a winner. The logo that won had 36% of all the votes out of five (5) logo's I polled.
Website: None

Name: Clark
I have used logomyway numerous times and I have always been very impressed with the number of high quality submissions received in my contests. This latest contest was no exception, but was remarkable further because even after I accepted the final submission, I was able to work with the designer following payment to make further enhancements and modifications despite the contest already being over.

The dedication of both the designer and logomyway staff to make sure I was 100% satisfied with my experience and final logo even after the contest was over was notable and much appreciated. I will definitely be using logomyway again.
Website: N/A

Name: Lisa Brooks

I had a great experience using LogoMyWay! It was very easy and fun. I enjoyed watching to see what the designers came up with each day. Very smooth process and stress free! Highly recommend this company!
Website: None

Name: DebM

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with LogoMyWay and was very pleased with the enties I was given to choose from.
Website: Italianfoodforever.com

Average Rating 4.8/5 Stars Out Of 481 Reviews

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