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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Amanda Jones, Principal, Australia
Logomyway is a unique model in the market for logo designs. Where else might you get 60 or more short-listed designs to choose from for a standard fixed fee and still retain the scope to revise and reiterate. You can't just sit back and watch the ideas flow in, you have to think collaboratively to achieve an optimal result but we believe the result justifies the approach. Sideeffects is an Australian based clearing-house for household scale environmental initiatives and we have and do recommend Logomyway to both organizations and young designers alike.
Website: Sideeffect.com.au
Amanda Jones, Principal,

Logo Designed By: Bondoc
Country: Romania

Name: Sandor Toth, PhD and Gregory Ettl, PhD
We had a very positive experience using LogoMyWay to get a logo designed for use in a project we developed. The committee was impressed by many of the designers and it took some time to evaluate and choose the best one. The designer was very helpful and even agreed to make some final changes before we had our final logo.
Website: Ecosel.cfr.washington.edu
Sandor Toth, PhD and Gregory Ettl, PhD
Seattle, WA and University of Washington

Logo Designed By: Tavo
Country: USA

Name: Alex Kanakaris
Daily Deal TV had a GREAT experiecne in dealing with logomyway. They were there for us every step of the way to make sure we got a world class logo.
Website: DailyDealTV.com and GlobalBarterBanc.com
Alex Kanakaris (Chairman) and David Valenti (President) of Daily Deal TV.
Newport Beach, California
DailyDealTV.com and GlobalBarterBanc.com

Logo Designed By: Vasvari
Country: Hungary

Name: Herb
This service was simple to use. We set up the contest in under 10 minutes and there was 5 logo submissions within a half hour. The designers ran with the information entered and adjusted very quickly to any feedback. I would recommend this to any business that is getting off the ground. Just define your business, explain the image you want portrayed through your logo, and Let the Contest begin.
Website: knbconsults.com
Crofton, MD

Logo Designed By: Dee.Java
Country: Indonesia

Name: David
My experience at Logomyway was Great, a wonderful concept and smooth process.
Website: None
Ontario, California
Website coming soon

Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
Country: USA

Name: Steve Koehn
Logo My Way surpassed our expectations - not by a little, but blew us away. It was amazing seeing the talent of the designers from all over the world, and the exciting, creative designs that we had to choose from. The biggest problem that we experienced was choosing just one of the many great designs submitted. I can't imagine an easier, or more effective means, of getting a great logo for our business. Thank you LogoMyWay.com!
Website: AirPhoto1.com
Steve Koehn, President, AirPhoto1.com - a business providing affordable aerial photography to clients looking to enhance their business through exciting aerial video and still photos used on websites, print media, and in other marketing materials.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Logo Designed By: Dclose
Country: USA

Name: Bill Ferguson
The most difficult part was selecting THE winner of the Twysted Turtle contest.
The quality of the work sent in by the artists is amazing. Going to the web site to review entries went from daily to nearly hourly because of the pleasant surprises found. The restaurant opened on Monday, 29 November. We received the expected feedback on the food and ambience, and, quite unexpectedly, on the logo as well. All comments were positive.

Nothing works like success! Keep up the good work.
Website: None
Bill Ferguson
Hertford, North Carolina

Twysted Turtle

Logo Designed By: Chuinstudio
Country: Malaysia

Name: Claude Blackman
I had checked out a couple of the other "logo" design web sites and choose LogoMyWay because of the ease of the whole process and had checked out some of the other competitions and was impressed on the submissions.
Website: None
Claude Blackman
San Diego, CA
Website coming soon

Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
Country: USA

Name: Eric
Our experience at LogoMyWay has been great! In the real world to pool together this kind of talent is nearly impossible for the price that it can be at this site. The designers are very cordial and quick to respond. Great website and we like our logo!
Website: GolfTourney.com
Iowa City, IA

Logo Designed By: Roseetha
Country: Indonesia

Name: Bill Carney
Great creativity and great service !!! Definitely good value for money.
Website: None
Bill Carney
Geneva, Switzerland
Website coming soon

Logo Designed By: Simei
Country: Brazil

Name: J. Forman
Hosting a design contest with LogoMyWay was an entrepreneurial dream come true. The quality of work, superior customer service and ease of use made using LogoMyWay one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I recommend LogoMyWay to all of my business peers...unless they're in the dog cookie business too.
Website: None
J. Forman; serial entrepreneur & founder of Globetrotter Gourmet
Chicago, IL

Logo Designed By: Zodiacent
Country: USA

Name: David
LogoMyWay exceeded our expectations with the ease of use and response from the design community. From start to finish our dedicated account manager Joe was very helpful. In a week we had over 200 custom logo designs, compared to only a couple if we used our in house designers. Choosing a winner was a difficult choice that we enjoyed making!
Website: None
Laguna Beach, CA
Website coming soon!

Logo Designed By: Roldmetal
Country: Romania

Name: Greg General Manager
When our business plan reached the point that branding needed to begin, I went straight to the company with an outstanding reputation in the industry, LogoMyWay.com

It is a daunting process, producing from scratch, a new brand. The expertise and confidence in direction shown by the staff and designers at LogoMyWay.com made the process extremely straight forward, time efficient and enjoyable. Working together, we developed a unique and exciting concept, leading to what we believe will be a successful and innovative logo design.

LogoMyWay.com has completely surpassed my expectations. As part of my ongoing mission to find the best tools available to build a new brand, they are without doubt, at the top of my list. Sensational result LogoMyWay.com! Well done. I look forward to working with you again on our next initiative. Best Regards, Greg
Website: CutPriceCables.com.au
Greg General Manager
Melbourne, Australia

Logo Designed By: Dclose
Country: USA

Name: Tilwanda Dofat
My experience was professional and fast. Every time I asked for a change I received it with in minutes at times. I am so pleased. I have told all of my family, friends, and some customers already. I picked my logo in two days, even though I still had 8 days left for other picks. The artists are amazing. They have minds and ideas to die for.
I love this company!!!!!!!!
Website: Tilmark.com
Tilwanda Dofat
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Logo Designed By: kemuningb10
Country: Indonesia

Name: Community United Methodist Church
Working with the team at logomyway has been a great experience. The system was very easy to navigate and the team at logomyway was extremely helpful and accommodating. We need to upload a few extra files after the contest was in progress and they helped us get them loaded so the designers had the additional information. Great experience - I would definitely run another contest!
Website: Cumcdebary.org
Community United Methodist Church
Debary, FL (near Orlando, FL)

Logo Designed By: Rakaz
Country: Indonesia

Name: Marie D.
Finding a logo used to be a stressful event until I found Logomyway. It was so much fun to see what the designers would come up with next! How can you go wrong with so many minds working on a logo design? Thanks so much to the crew at Logomyway and the design community. It was a blast and we absolutely love our new logo design.
Website: None
Marie D.
Lima, Ohio
Bravery Jewelry

Logo Designed By: Whoa!
Country: Philippines

Name: Kieran Walsh
I love the idea of Logomyway.com. It allows me to have the input of several great designers in the one place for a very affordable price.
Website: None
Kieran Walsh
Cork, Ireland

Logo Designed By: Schofield
Country: United Kingdom

Name: D. Michael Ramirez, Columbus BBQ
I researched several logo sites and LogoMyWay immediately caught my eye and knew they assembled the top creative people in the world. I look at my logo every day and each time I love it like i'm looking at it for the first time. I'm very proud of our logo and we get non-stop compliments for it.
Website: Columbusbbq.com
D. Michael Ramirez, Columbus BBQ
Columbus, Ohio

Logo Designed By: Fossy
Country: United States

Name: Mark Sullivan
My experience was great, I received multiple professional logo options for a great price, to do this with individual designers it would've cost me ten times the amount.
I received my files quickly and had a great experience with my designer, I was so happy I have referred several more business owners.
Website: None

Mark Sullivan
Carrollton, GA

Logo Designed By: Tavo
Country: United States

Name: Motorcycle Communications
My experience with logoMyWay was interesting to say the least. I got the chance to see creative minds hard at work, was able to give my input, and at a fraction of the cost I expected to pay. I will be using this service again.
Website: Motorcycle-Communications.com
Motorcycle Communications
Weatherford, Texas

Logo Designed By: Revolutionary
Country: El Salvador

Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 543 Reviews

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