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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Great Contest. This was our first contest with LogoMyWay. Many wonderful designs came in and more than enough to choose from. I think we had close to 100 designs options. We were very happy with many of the designs and the winning logo and designer was wonderful to work with. We asked for several different variation of the logo we chose and then got another whole batch of logos, all related to our #1 design. We will use LogoMyWay again.

Using LogoMyWay was an absolute delight. It was exciting to log in every day and see the new designs that had been created. I wish I had started with these guys instead of using another designer first - the designs produced were so different from each other and kept to the Brief. I would use them again in an instant and recommend them to my friends.

It was nice to have so many ideas coming at me. It was fun to rate and talk with the designers to get exactly the direction I wanted.

Mikael Blomqwist
Great service and a very neat and easy way to create a new logo. Here are a lot of skilled designers.

Infinity Contracting & Design, Inc.
From start to finish everything was great! There are some extremely talented designers on here. The only issue I had were the designers that waited until the last 2 or 3 days to submit something. By that time we were tweaking our top picks. So the last 30+ submissions didn't even get consideration. At the end of it all, it was a fun experience that produced an amazing logo.

Karl Koelling
This is the second logo we've had designed by LogoMyWay and both times it was a great process with great results. We had lots of options to select from, and the ability to give in-process feedback helped shaped the ideas until we got something that we really liked. We would highly recommend their services.

Tim Judge
BETTER than good, I messed up logo that we wanted
the Logo My Way people went WAY above and beyond
to make me happy and launch another one !

Once again we have relied on Logo My Way to come up with a new logo for our brand new company and we are completely blown away with the results. The designers are top notch, easy to work with, able to make adjustments and revisions as requested and the final result is a polished, professional logo.

We highly recommend it. Our winning designer was Peter Gvozdjak "cyclone" and he was always quick to reply and completely professional. Thanks to Joe and his team for another successful contest.

*Our website hasn't launched yet, but it will be up in the coming months and we can't wait to share our new logo and brand!

Excellent experience... Professional, courteous, and a really cool set of logo designs perfect for my new company...

For a $300 prize, I got 98 entries, of which at least 25 were really, really good, but there can always be only one winner..!! Congrats to Petalax, I got all the EPS, AI, JPG & PNG files as requested...

Fantastic service offering... A good friend of mine is likely to engage LogoMyWay for his logo very shortly...

Thanks again to all involved...

We needed a logo for our new product line and decided to try LogoMyWay. It's definitely an exciting experience and we were very impressed with the creative designs submitted from all over the world.

It was easy to provide feedback and communicate with the designers to make revisions. Being able to set the budget is also a bonus. Lastly, we have great appreciation for every designer working with LogoMyWay because they work hard and spend the time to create their best designs without knowing if they will be chosen.

We couldn't be happier with our experience with LogoMyWay! We ended up with the perfect logo for our subdivision. Thank you so much!

We really didn't know what to expect using logomyway. It was our first time doing something like this (logo contest.) We were really surprised at how many amazing logos were presented to us from talented graphic artists from around the world. We would certainly use logomyway again for future projects.

Fool Moon
This page's registration was the best idea we ever had!
And the funny side: we found the best logo from a designer who lives in our home city and fan of our band. :-) Small world, huh?
This page actually got us together.

We were very impressed with not only the the quality of logo designs but how many super ones we received from logomyway.

Ultimately, we had to make a decision! I would recommend the experience to any business. A special shout out to the winner of our contest ...Shajan Thomas!! Thank you for all effort above and beyond the contest.

Chris Reed
My name is Chris Reed and LogoMyWay was awesome to use.. I am opening a sporting goods store in Greenwood, Ms and needed help designing a logo from scratch. I looked at reviews and found that LogoMyWay was one of the most reputable sites out there for this kind of service. The forms were easy to fill out and the direct contact I had with each designer was great.

We started with entries from lots of designers and I picked the ones that I liked the best. We made changes all along the way until I was very happy with my logo.

Once the contest ended and I selected a winner, all of the design ownership forms were sent to me along with several variations of my logo. I now have a master file that includes variations of each (jpeg, tif, gif. etc.) I can share them easily with other companies and I always have the version that suits their needs for artwork program.
I can honestly say that LogoMyWay was the best choice that I could have made for my Logo needs.
Chris Reed - History Channels Top Shot Champion 2011
Owner of OutLaw Sporting Goods.
Greenwood, Ms

Logo Designed By: Kingfisherkreat
Country: USA

Urban Dance Company
Thank you for the opportunity to have your collection of designers offer up so many great designs! The process was extremely simple at a very reasonable cost. We simply posted a description of our business, and an idea of the style of logo we wanted, and voila, within hours we had your designers submitting logos for my evaluation. We had a large number of offerings to choose from, and almost every one of them was very high quality and very professional. We are very happy with the end result and will surely use the service again. Thanks
Urban Dance Company
Vancouver, Canada

Logo Designed By: Bigio
Country: Estonia

Excellent experience throughout the entire process. Easy to communicate with the designers and express my end vision of a corporate logo.

Plano, TX

Logo Designed By: LexLogo40513
Country: United States

I was really impressed with the quality of the logos and I have no doubt that using LOGOMYWAY was the correct decision as I am very pleased with the winning logo and I easily could have picked more than one winner. LOGOMYWAY was extremely easy to use and I have no doubt that 99% will be happy with LOGOMYWAY. I know I was!
Sydney, Australia
website to be announced.

Logo Designed By: etoy
Country: Indonesia

It was a great experience dealing with artists at LogoMyWay. The vast number of artists gave us many, many ideas and is a far better method than taking on a single artist.
South Africa, Johannesburg

Logo Designed By: Ozang
Country: Turkey

My experience at logomyway was a great one. The designers were all professional and open to suggestions and/or comments. The customer service is superb as Joe is exceptionally helpful. When I called the office for help, not only did I get a live voice but Joe corrected the problem within minutes. I've already told many of my friends about my experience so I highly recommend logomyway to anyone looking to purchase a logo.
Brooklyn NY

Logo Designed By: Fortext
Country: Austria

Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 593 Customer Reviews

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