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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Janea Bellay-Dieno
I was so pleased to use LogoMyWay.com to find a new logo for my company. The process was very easy. From the time I signed up, to the time I settled on a final logo, the customer service was extraordinary. I originally went with a 7-day contest, but near the final day, I wanted a few more tweaks on the logo submissions. Joe said it was no problem and provided my contest with an extension. I felt Joe and LogoMyWay.com went over the top to ensure I was a satisfied customer. I am so happy I used this service rather than using one guy at one company with one idea. Instead I had received over 280 submissions to choose from! I have referred friends and colleagues to LogoMyWay.com already, as well I have received numerous compliments on my professional looking logo. I will definitely use this service again, should I start another business!
Website: jbdFinancialPlanning.com
Janea Bellay-Dieno
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
JBD Financial Planning

Logo Designed By: Scave
Country: USA

Name: Linda
I had a great experience at Logomyway, the designers were very creative and responsive to all of my feedback, they all responded in less than 24 hours(Wow!!!). I felt they all worked very hard and diligently to provide designs based on my specific criteria's as well they added there own artistic flare. The entire process was pain free and very organized. The website is user friendly and secure. I loved that family and friends could also participate in choosing the design. I had a lot of fun and I loved my logo designed. Thanks you Logomyway. Awesome concept!!!!
Website: dfallc.com
North Brunswick, NJ

Logo Designed By: Yongky
Country: Indonesia

Name: Andrew Richmond
As someone who specialises in building great customer experiences, I can honestly say that I have just had one at LogoMyWay. The excitement of having a contest to decide a winning logo while including friends and family was fantastic. Everything went incredibly smoothly, from the starting of the contest, to the support from my dedicated account manager, to the receiving of the logo files - it just makes me want to start another one! Well done LogoMyWay - you have exceeded my expectations.
Website: Outsideinsight.co.za
Company Name: Outside-Insight - Personal Name: Andrew Richmond
Johannesburg, South Africa

Logo Designed By: Roseetha
Country: Indonesia

Name: Eric Bell
My experiences at Logomyway.com have been extraordinary. After hiring multiple freelancers and graphic design firms to work on my companies logos, I was constantly frustrated with the results--long waits between proofs, slow responses, few options. With logomyway.com, I get to communicate with tons of designers and get excellent services through my dedicated account manager. Now, I've completed two projects and got exactly what I wanted both time. Logomyway is absolutely the way to go for any business owner who wants to get the most for their money.
Thanks Logomyway!
Website: YoBucko .com
Eric Bell, Managing Director, ECB Capital LLC. Logos completed on logomyway include YoBucko and TheFutureInvestor.com
Washington, DC
YoBucko .com

Logo Designed By: Ogi
Country: Yugoslavia

Name: SnH Homes LLC, Simone Mancuso
I had a great experience w/ logomyway. I have already told all my colleagues what great service they provide and how much I like my logo. They were very helpful when I had questions and quick to respond and make sure I was pleased w/ their service and my logo.
Website: None
SnH Homes LLC, Simone Mancuso
Louisville, KY

Logo Designed By: Ahycenko
Country: Australia

Name: Zachary Taffany
Yoyotext is a mobile marketing start-up based in San Jose, CA and our experience with logomyway far exceeded our expectations. We were very happy with the quality of the customer service we received from Joe, our support rep. The community of designers were professional and responded to our requests for variations quickly. We received so many high quality entries that we had some difficulty agreeing on a clear winner! In the end we chose a design that we felt perfectly matched the initial contest details we provided. Yoyotext will certainly use logomyway again as our brand grows and evolves, and we recommend this service highly.
Website: None
Zachary Taffany
Yoyotext Inc.

Logo Designed By: Junaum
Country: Brazil

Name: Kimmen Olsen
We just finished our first logo contest on LogoMyWay. The web site is easy to use, the designers are professional and talented, and the process was not only painless, but actually enjoyable. This is the best and easiest way we have ever found to get excellent logo designs at a reasonable price.
Website: Leasecorplv.com
Kimmen Olsen
Las Vegas, NV

Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
Country: United States

Name: Lisa I.
My experience was nothing short of amazing. The designers are talented, professional and respond quickly to my requests. I've held 3 contests at LogoMyWay.com and have always walked away satisfied.
Website: Blog.2createawebsite.com
Lisa I.
Dallas, TX

Logo Designed By: Ash
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Craig B.
After talking with a few local graphic designers I still wasn't sure who to choose to design my company's logo. Local designers generally asked $300-$400 to design a single logo, and it's really hard to know which one to choose. Logomyway allowed me to get a logo for much less and have the valuable advantage of seeing designs from many different designers. We couldn't be happier with our logo. The whole process at LogomyWay. was straightforward and, actually, quite a bit of fun. I highly recommend it.
Website: MARATA.org
Craig B.
Austin, TX

Logo Designed By: 20HuntStudio
Country: USA

Name: Gideon Shalwick
LogoMyWay was SUPER easy to use and they managed to get me an amazing new result for my blog website logo. I am really impressed with how the whole process went. It has certainly been the easiest and hassle free design experience I've ever had!
Website: GideonShalwick.com
Gideon Shalwick
Brisbane, Australia

Logo Designed By: Julls59
Country: Philippines

Name: Dan Douglas
We started our business in 1993 and always lacked a decent looking logo. We never had the chance to create one - not because we didn't have the funds, but because we didn't have the time. We also didn't really know any good designers in our area and we didn't have the time to go through the process of meeting with a designer and discussing our ideas.

We came across LogoMyWay.com and found our perfect match. We spent a few moments to write what we wanted and within hours we had designers coming up with unique, creative designs. Not only did we save time on meeting with graphic designers, but we were able to choose from several designs and for a fraction of the cost.

What we found most helpful was a page to link to your friends, family and co-workers to help rank designs. We couldn't be more happy with our experience with LogoMyWay.
Website: Plugvideo.com
Dan Douglas
Yorba Linda, CA.

Logo Designed By: Ekobudis
Country: Indonesia

Name: Dacula, Georgia Anthony Garcia
Great experience, easier than I thought it would be.
Website: None
Dacula, Georgia Anthony Garcia
Dacula, Georgia
Website not yet active, will be shortly. Thanks again Logomyway

Logo Designed By: Miguel
Country: Portugal

Name: Nancy Fields
I must say that working with Logomyway has not only been a great way to get my new logo but it's also been fun! I was stressed out about whether I would find something I liked but Logomyway took care of all my worries by presenting numerous good choices for my logo. Thank you again and I will definitely use you and recommend you in the future.
Website: Midtownshadeandshutter.com
Nancy Fields
Raleigh, North Carolina

Logo Designed By: DalhaZ
Country: Indonesia

Name: Brandon L
Logomyway was a great experience, I got designs from about 20 different designers and I am really happy with the professional, iconic logo that was made for my company.
Website: Sentinelaero.com
Brandon L.
Chandler, AZ

Logo Designed By: LexLogo40513
Country: United States

Name: Karin
I have been VERY impressed with the entire process. It was easy to use, even for someone who is not so technically oriented. The quality and the quantity of the logo designs were amazing! We had so much fun watching the logos coming in every day and trying to figure out which was our favorite. The designers were a pleasure to work with when we had suggestions or comments and you could feel their excitement and engagement in the process as well. I was so impressed to be getting designs from all over the world! What a great concept and a great process it was for us. I've already recommended this site to many of my friends and colleagues!
Thanks for everything! I was truly impressed with the whole experience!
Website: Inspiringyourverybest.com

Logo Designed By: Luke.Concept
Country: Indonesia

Name: Totto
Logomyway is a great tool for any logo you need, it is very exciting to see that every day you have different ideas, and at the end you have a product that is excellent quality and design.
Website: Totto.com
Bogota, Colombia

Logo Designed By: Andru
Country: Colombia

Name: Julie
I highly recommend logomyway. The process is easy, the results are great. I received over 220 high quality logo designs. I wanted to be sure of the quality so I had a few friends in the creative field look at the logos and all agreed the designs were very good could not be bested elsewhere. The staff at logomyway was very responsive and helpful when I did have questions and the designer I chose was very patient and flexible to make minor changes after the contest closed to make sure I was 100% happy with my logo. Overall, an excellent experience and result using logomyway!
Website: None
Jacksonville, FL
Website will be added soon

Logo Designed By: Zonpipo
Country: Indonesia

Name: Pamela
Logomyway was a great experience. Setting up the contest was easy to do, affordable and reviewing all the creative submission from designers all over the globe was very enjoyable. The designers were responsive to my requests for modifications and I am very satisfied with the product I ended up with at the end of the contest. I also appreciated being able to send the link to my contest to have others review the logos and assist me with making a choice.
Website: None
Austin, TX
Website will be added soon

Logo Designed By: Roseetha
Country: Indonesia

Name: Brenda
I had an extremely positive experience, excellent design work and outstanding communication both with LogoMyWay and its vast array of very talented designers. Everything was done to my exact specifications. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a new logo design!
Website: Brendakayimagery.com
Camas, WA

Logo Designed By: y3k_designs
Country: USA

Name: Jerri Birsinger, O.D.
I had read about logomyway.com in one of our professional journals. And, upon needing to update our business' look, I decided to check out their website. The site was extremely easy to navigate and informative. So, we decided to participate with our own logo contest. The response and quality of entries was phenomenal! We ended up with 3 top contenders and finally chose one that we are thrilled with! So, thank you, logomyway.com for providing a cost-effective way for small business' to improve their image! We highly recommend logomyway.com to everyone!!!
Website: Arnoldeyecarecenter.com
Jerri Birsinger, O.D.
Arnold, MO

Logo Designed By: Ronny
Country: Indonesia

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