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Company Name: Wyatt House
What We Do: Current challenge:
We are targeting a new customer base. The brand is not recognized among the customers and does not have the appearance of a house plan provider with years of experience.

Change of business model:
House plans are currently offered regionally. Now we have expanded our customer base through the latest website improvements and reduced product delivery from weeks to days. For some purchasers, immediate fulfillment (direct download) is now available.

Intentions/ reasons for logo:
We desire to brand our products, show ownership of (and protect) our photos and products. We also want our company image to be more professional. We feel that affixing a logo to all products and photos will significantly help accomplish this.

The logo must indicate the website name. This is where all purchasing, for all of our products, takes place - from any computer, or mobile device, anytime of day.

Our Mission:
To maintain our niche of providing extensively detailed custom house plans that are comfortably priced - at a fraction of the cost of hiring an architect, and just above stock plans.

What we do:
We design all facets of a residence. Then market and sell our home designs and offer solutions for improving home design through multiple magazine articles and our website’s blog.

Uses for logo:
All media now known and future media unknown, Web, Print,  Billboard & Sign,  Television,  Mugs & T-shirts.
Industry Type: Miscellaneous

Top Three Things to Communicate Through Our Logo Design:
#1 That we are creative, professional, and capable of providing a top-quality plan which will ultimately be a wise investment - a beautiful home - for the customer.
#2 Our focus is selling house plans.
#3 We want to direct all customers to our website.

Our Target Audience:
Our clientele live in all 50 states and abroad. They are typically successful US professionals, business owners, and families, mid-high income earners, ages 30-65. They are seeking a well-built, new home that is typically larger than their current home. It is up-scale. It may be a second home. The home they build must have obvious qualities and details, the qualities associated with retaining a custom designer. The resulting home is as thoroughly planned as it is aesthetically pleasing. It represents the status they have achieved in life, their good taste, and appreciation of fine things.

We Like These Designs. (fonts, colors, style):
(1) For a pdf of detailed notes contact us. (2) The logo / font must be sophisticated, yet simple, clean looking with minimal, or no, graphics, not look dated after a few years. (3) The overall concept can have a very basic font but we like logos where one “new” letter has been created, transformed by a creative “artistic touch.” (4) We do not like the “roof” shape (examples on pg 3 of our pdf). This concept is overused. (5) This is highly important . . . The logo needs to look good/ be legible on website photos. to identify and show ownership of the Wyatt photos. (Sample photos shown in pdf) (6) The style and colors must be designed for our website layout and colors already in use at: www.Wyatt House Do not let the current font, or the color of this font, influence the logo design. Multiple logo color suggestions that compliment the website are welcome. (7) Design “Wyatt” to be used independently/ without “house” although most uses will employ all of the words [Wyatt, House, Plans, .com] (8) Previously we have used an arch-top logo (see pdf). It is not necessary to use this again. Anyone who wants to use it should give it a new, updated look. (9) In many logos, where the first word starts with “W”, it seems that many people draw too much attention to this letter. It does not need more attention. That letter is usually large enough. (10) Tagline/ slogan is optional.

Our Design Will Be Used On:
Web,  Print Media,  Billboard & Sign,  Television,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Additional Info Added on Dec 6, 2012
**** NEW NOTES ****

(1) visit website - www.Wyatt House
(2) use a dark green background. We want text colors that are complimentary with our green website background.
(3) recommend text colors that look good on our website's existing background color.
(4) Create one artistic letter - a non-standard font. Be creative. Draw attention, capture one’s eye with a unique letter, create a new letter for one letter
(5) ".com" must be included - the logo must indicate a website
(6) We do NOT want a "roof", building, or house  -  no graphics
(7) Use a sophisticated, clean, orderly, business-like appearance.
(8) May use our previous logo with arch top if it is given a new look/ design. THIS IS OPTIONAL
(9) Part of our selection process will include picking the logo that is easiest to read at the greatest distance, on a dark green background, AND in black & white.

Contest Discussion

1. Please do not ask clients to look at your logo designs or talk about other designs.
2. Designers are not allowed to post external links to your logo designs.
3. Please always be polite and respectful to contest holders and designers.
4. Please do not discuss copied designs on the contest pages.  Contact the admin and we will start a "Logo Dispute".

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Posted On December 5, 2012
  #1-3 ".com" is too small, too hard to read. Do not want house.
icons, #32, #35, detract from the text
#75 please, no large letter "W"

 United States
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Posted On December 4, 2012
 #52 Creative "Y" and "A" are interesting.
Logo must direct people to website. ".com" is needed.

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Posted On December 4, 2012
 Working on making PDF more accessible. Until then, the contest description contains the most important points.

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Posted On December 4, 2012
  It is very helpful seeing the logo on the website colors to see how well it will stand out. Some, although they a good designs, will blend with the website colors and not be seen. Please keep this in mind.

 Czech Republic
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Posted On December 4, 2012
  I can't see the download link on PDF.

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Posted On December 4, 2012
 lots of ideas already! it will be hard to pick a winner!
This is a great start.

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Since: May 8, 2009
Posted On December 4, 2012
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