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Blue Gypsy, Inc. Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Blue Gypsy, Inc.
Our Slogan
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What we do
Blue Gypsy, Inc. is a consulting company offering Lead Management Services for Builders and Lead Consulting for Real Estate Agents. Blue Gypsy, Inc. strives to bring a laser focus to lead management the cornerstone of any good real estate business. Blue Gypsy, Inc. offers boutique style services and a personal touch.

Where did the name come from? I spent over a decade wandering the world before settling into real estate four years ago and focusing on lead management for a large local builder for the past 3 years. Many people who known me are familiar with my gypsy wandering soul. For 13 years I traveled around the world on adventures: backpacking through colorful countries, sailing on the deep blue sea and scuba diving below. My title is Lead Gypsy, not the CEO. (Okay so it wasn't one sentence)
Industry: Consulting

Things to communicate through the design
1. Fun
2. Confidence
3. Professional, personal service

The target audience
Builders and Real Estate Professionals looking for ways to improve their business and make more money. People who will search for Blue Gypsy, Inc. appreciate creativity, value integrity, look for out of the box thinking, appreciate the need to continue to change in order to stay on top, are looking for innovative ideas and not afraid to try something new in order to improve their business.

We like these fonts, colors and style
I like something fun, innovative yet professional. Because of my diving, sailing and travel background I lean toward blues. I like bold fonts not fancy and fluffy. My current website though temporary has some of the color I like [Login to view URL] and my blog has a photograph from my travels that says a lot [Login to view URL] Also on my facebook fan page. [Login to view URL] I want to capture the essence of my free spirit as well as my strong work ethic and dedication when I take on a project, a cause or a client.

Our design will be used on
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Additional Info Added Feb 1, 2010
Please use Inc and not incorporated. The company and the website are branded with Inc.