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Name On Logo:
Our Slogan
None at this time
What we do
We are a new startup online retail tech store. We sell computer hardware, software, small consumer electronics and digital products so we will be competing with all the big online retailers in this industry.
Industry: Internet

Things to communicate through the design
1. #1: Professionalism
2. #2: Trustworthiness
3. #3: Memorability

The target audience
Our target audience will be tech-savvy consumers, the general public looking to buy cosumer goods, internet shoppers and businesses.

We like these fonts, colors and style
We like simple, clean and clear designs. Since we are a new online startup store we are looking for a combination type logo with the company name and an icon. The logo should be clean and simple not complicated yet powerful at the same time to help us compete in the Hi-Tech online retail industry. We prefer the Sans-Serif fonts thats clean and easy to read. We like the Blues, Greens and Orange as corporate colors. The style of the logo design is left to the creativity of the designer. We do not want any clip-art or stock logo only original design with not more than two colors use in the design. We do not want any computer products use as an icon. We also want the logo to be scalable for different usage.

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media)  (Billboards & Signs)  (Mugs & Tshirts)