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What we do
This is a website that showcases incredible shots in a variety of sports - basketball, hockey, soccer, bowling, beer pong, etc. It's a fun portal to view as well as upload amazing shots to impress your friends and others.
Industry: Internet

Things to communicate through the design
1. Fun
2. Polished
3. Unwarranted sense of self-importance

The target audience
Viewers of this site are mostly men age 12-35.

We like these fonts, colors and style
This website is free, and has no "business model" behind it. It's merely a fun project I started to aggregate and display unbelievable shots. The site's already up (with a makeshift logo in place) - you can review it and get a sense of the writing style. There's a faux-backstory of a charitable organization called The Ridiculous Shots Foundation. I'm trying to create this satirical vibe that there's fifty technicians in a lab that study videos of ridiculous shots all day.

As far as the design itself, I don't have much direction at this point. There's the fairly obvious option of having a ball going into a cup (or some container), and possibly making use of the dot in the "i" as the ball and the "o" as the hoop. I'm up for it, if it can be maybe a little subtle. That said, you have a blank canvas. I think the ".com" should be in there at the end or tacked on in some form.

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