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Bulletproof Jackets Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Bulletproof Jackets
Our Slogan
superior scratch protection
What we do
Our product is basically a clear polyeurthane plastic film that is custom cut to fit a each motorcycle. It goes on invisible and protects against scratches. These two websites will help describe in detail what the product is and how it works [Login to view URL] [Login to view URL]

we will need a complete business design, possibilty for more design incorportation in our business for the winner. This includes website design, brochures, and more.
Industry: Automotive

Things to communicate through the design
1. Logo to describe product (what product is)
2. Protection (from scratches)
3. Top Quality (over competition)

The target audience
We want to target hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts. The audience we target is overprotective of damage to motorcycles. They will pay a bit extra upfront for longterm protection.

Age: 16 - 40
Sex: Male
Location: USA - Nationwide
Education: N/A
Lifestyle: hardcore / extreme
Interests: motorcycles, racing, speed, adrenalin rushes, road trips

We like these fonts, colors and style
Color: Black (#000000) and Green (#33D733) and White (#FFFFFF) This is the current color scheme. We are open to changed. We like the darker background with lighter text.

Font: Modern grunge type font, looks tough, easily recognizable

Stye: The idea behind the business is similar to red bull in that it's hardcore. skin industries also has a logo that's recognizable and hardcore [Login to view URL] for example. Basically we want a design that can be seen, recognized, and displayed within our target audience.

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media) 

Additional Info Added Oct 11, 2009
Change of slogan from "superior scratch protection" to, "invisible scratch protection"

The color scheme we will be going with is black and green. (gray's and whites okay as well for backrounds, fades, ect.)

So after seeing a few more designs there are a few things we want to tweak. We like how #30 has the light light grey backround. Then with the words Bulletproof Jackets, we want to see what it looks like to change the word bulletproof to the green color, and keep the word Jackets black but change that font to a normal type font.