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Lighthouse Chiropractic and Wellness Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Lighthouse Chiropractic and Wellness
Our Slogan
No Slogan
What we do
-We are a chiropractic office and health restoration clinic. We support the body, allowing it to heal from the inside-out and thus help it to recover from a variety of conditions. We use objective functional testing (including bloodwork, urine analysis, stool tests, immune panels, etc.) to determine the root cause of a patient’s condition and utilize nutrition and herbal supplementation to support their body while it is healing. We address stress and inflammation by removing thoughts, traumas, and toxins in our patients’ lives, thus encouraging and guiding a lifestyle change.
To change the trajectory of someone's life and their family's life. To make an impact trans-generationally.
To serve patients all over the world with holistic, complete chiropractic care
To create a healthcare facility where patients feel loved, empowered, and at home
To inspire, educate, and change the way people view their health and healthcare as a whole
To be a light in the community
Industry: Miscellaneous

Things to communicate through the design
1. Inviting
2. Soft
3. Trustworthy

The target audience
Prenatal/Pregnancy, Mom and Pediatric focused
Family-oriented practice
Christian values
Upper - middle class
Families looking for natural health care whom value free thinking and health freedom

We like these fonts, colors and style
logo color ideas: sky blue, navy/darker blue.

We want our office to be inviting, bright, warm, nurturing. We want it to be a place of refuge, trust, love, support, and a place to recharge.

*we are demographically located near UNC (tarheel/carolina blue) and thus, we want our shade of blue to stand out and not look similar to this*

We want the image to be modern, sleek, minimalist, and simple.

*Pictures for inspiration.

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media)  (Mugs & Tshirts)