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Darknight Labs Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Darknight Labs
Our Slogan
Shifting paradigms and raising standards in the NFT space
What we do
NFT community with medieval theme
Industry: Internet

Things to communicate through the design
1. Medieval
2. Complex and detailed
3. Strong and wise

The target audience
Font: Old English Color: Black & white Style: Medieval, complex art

We like these fonts, colors and style
Font: Old English Color: Black & white & grey Style: Medieval, complex art, branches and symmetry, damaged / old I want the letters DL to appear in the middle of the logo. Font has to be majuscule Old English style, but more complex. These letters have to be not written per se, but "revealed" by the medieval style design that's around the letters themselves. The designs around the letters have to be medieval style designs like branches, ornaments and symmetry. The design have to be complex and the DL letters have to be "guessed" as the space between this design. The DL letters in the middle have to be linked to the circular "Darknight Labs" writing, around the circular logo. It can be tied to it through branches or any other medieval style ornament. The goal is to have these letters be part of a complex design that is coherent, and not just written letters. The circular text "Darknight Labs" has to be circular, which means the "Labs" part will look inverted when you look at the logo from a front facing position. I would appreciate having this logo applied to a silver coin / pendent, as well as the basic PNG logo that we would apply to other surfaces

Our design will be used on