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See contest brief - website design Logo Design Contest
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Our Slogan
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What we do
This is a website design.

We are broadband technology expects who primarily serve telecom network buyers (e.g. private equity, infrastructure funds) and sellers (e.g. service providers) with technical due diligence services. We analyze the network - reporting on its quality its future readiness. This is done via a desktop analysis of all relevant documents, management interviews and on-site inspections, as necessary.
Industry: Miscellaneous

Things to communicate through the design
1. We are established experts in telecom technical due diligence.
2. We have served the leading investors in the sector - often multiple times.
3. The quality and depth of our work is excellent.

The target audience
Primary: Private equity firms and infrastructure funds who invest in telecommunications service providers. Secondary: Service providers seeking capital to upgrade or expand their network.

We like these fonts, colors and style
This is a website design contest.

Here is the current site, but we want a new fresh look
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5 years ago, our logo was designed via logomyway. Gotham is the font. The colors are 1. CMYK (Green - C40, Y100) For Emblem, (Cyan - C100) For Emblem, (Black - K100) For Text 2. RGB (Green - R132-G194-B37) For Emblem Hex# 84C225 (Cyan - R0-G147-B221) For Emblem Hex# 0093DD (Black - K100) For Text

Our design will be used on

Additional Info Added Aug 20, 2022
Please note unlike current site, new site targets investment audience. Not service providers and vendors.