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PG ways or Slamming doors Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: PG ways or Slamming doors
Our Slogan
No Slogan
What we do
my work consist of custom car audio install. reupholster seats, new door panels,new dash build, new center console, new headliner, custom display of car audio equipment. making the owner feel like they are sitting in a luxurious/new vehicle.
Industry: Automotive

Things to communicate through the design
1. luxurious
2. passion
3. one of a kind

The target audience
my target audience would be mostly male from the age of 21-55. some females. i would like to have a logo that can attract both genders. i want my logo to attract customers that have the money to afford such custom and detailed makeover of there interior(anywhere from 5000$ up to 50'000$. i want to attract people who search for the best quality work they can find near them. i look for people that are after owning a special sound system that will suit there needs/wants/ exceed there expectations. Occupation wise it can vary honestly, as long as you are interested and have the money to afford and want a proper sound system build then they are welcomed. the audio gear i use and sell are known for quality and performance. yes they are usually more expensive to buy but i have speakers for every individuals personal wants/needs out of there system. i attract people who have been into car audio for a while and have the experience/knowledge of what they are after, yes every once in a while i get the odd person who is starting in the car audio but overall the people i attract are audiophiles. they do there research and have an idea of what they want. everyone who is a customer of mine or shows up to the meets are people who have no issue getting along with new people, its a place where we can ask eachother questions and help one an other instead of competing against one another and who has the best gear or any of that, so no judgement only good laughs,great conversations and everyone looking out for one another, helping eachother when we can ,etc. every build i do perfection and quality work are my main focus, build something the owner can be proud of and show off if he wants to or wants to go to a car show. i would like to educate people about what car audio can be for someone and the ways they can enjoy a sound system for any personality types, if possible i would like the logo to try and attract more female into this hobby/passion. i want be the change that this world needs and lead by example. i hate that people associate car audio with on males. music was not invented to only be for one gender specific, everyone should be aloud to enjoy music at quality levels

We like these fonts, colors and style
fonts:im an unsure, i would like something simple, redable, i dont want the leters to be bulky or to thin just in between the two. maybe something a little stylish font but still almost simple.

colors: white, rose gold, i want colors that will communicate what i want through my logo and compliment luxury,passion,unique.

i want the style of this logo to be something futuristic. a style where you feel like you are looking at something that is perceived like its from beyond your time. the logo would need to be able to be embroidery on my upholstered seats or laser engraved on acrylic. if possible overall i would like the logo to communicate car audio/luxury/professional but also be attractive and intriguing enough to catch your curiosity and bring new people into the car audio world, both male and female or people who are looking for someone they can trust.

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