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Tonalkalli Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Tonalkalli
Our Slogan
No Slogan
What we do
Form youth in moral principles, through Mexicas culture and activities
Industry: Sports & Recreation

Things to communicate through the design
1. Sports
2. Culture
3. Teenengers

The target audience
Youths, students interested in prehispanic cultures to preserve, athletes, teenangers, mexican natives

We like these fonts, colors and style
Aztec typo or similar

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media)  (Billboards & Signs)  (Mugs & Tshirts) 

Additional Info Added May 11, 2022
Hello everyone, we will add new bases for the contest, since the results that were published to us seemed incomplete or lacking in the elements that we wanted, and they should take into account, use as a reference the qualifications that they received from Tonalkalli these last 7 days to modify your designs or make new ones.

We are a Mexica Culture Knowledge Center and therefore we want our logo to be based on Nahuatl iconography where each glyph or symbol represents something in particular:

Our name is made up of two concepts:

1) Calli = House
2) Tonalli = Solar light, heat of the Sun, day, destiny.
It is one of the three psychic entities housed inside the head, it was a force that gave vigor, warmth and courage, and therefore allowed growth. It endowed man with a particular temperament, in such a way that it affected his future behavior, since reason, conscience, will and destiny were governed.

3) Tonalcalli = The house of solar energy.

* The colors to use are those that represent the 4 cardinal points:

White = East
Black = North
Red = West
Blue = South
Green = Center, balance

Together as a conclusion, we want you to communicate a calli means home or place where you feel a warm welcome (Home), inhabited by the transformation of vital energy guided by the solar star of Tonalli or the calli emerging from Venus Quetzalcoatl as a symbol of knowledge and the Will of the be.

1 Calli- House
2) Tonalli, examples
3) Colors of the 4 directions integrated into the Tonalli.
4) Sketch and integration of the symbols that represent our logo: Calli emerging from the breath of the guiding star of knowledge of Tonalli or Quetzalcóatl.