Prize Amount

$200 Prize


113 Entries

Contest ending time

1 Days 15 Hours 4 Min

The Real Estate Crew of Minnesota Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: The Real Estate Crew of Minnesota
Our Slogan
(I would like to have one for us)
What we do
Real Estate
Working in unison
building lasting relationships
precision and care for successful real estate ventures
Industry: Real Estate

Things to communicate through the design
1. Community
2. Relationships
3. Success

The target audience
All things real estate
Taking care of people and making real estate transactions as smooth as possible!
I really do not like the word transaction. I view all things real estate as relationships with people for their forward movement.

We like these fonts, colors and style
Clean and Crisp (yet soft and interesting)
Lake or lakefront

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media)  (Billboards & Signs)  (Mugs & Tshirts)