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Inland Eagle Systems Logo Design Contest
Name On Logo: Inland Eagle Systems
Our Slogan
What we do
Closed Circuit Systems Access Control Solutions Fire Alarms Systems Security Systems & Alarms Low Volt Design Data/Network Infrastructure
Industry: Construction

Things to communicate through the design
1. professionalism
2. patriotic
3. simple

The target audience
looking to advertise to homeowners as well as business' and commercial locations.

We like these fonts, colors and style
Id like a logo or set of logos that will go well on the side of a truck, on hats and shirts, as well as letterhead and billboards. Id like it to be simple and clean. Id like it to incorporate an eagle and an American flag.

Our design will be used on
(Web)  (Print Media)  (Billboards & Signs)  (Television)  (Mugs & Tshirts)