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DDS CEO Logo Design Contest
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Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: DDS CEO
Our Slogan
Thorough Dentist, Effective CEO
What We Do
This logo is for a non-profit program aimed at helping private practice dentists grow their practice and client base. It's a training program we'll be offering as part of our suite of programs, so this logo must fit in - see logos of other programs below. Our nonprofit helps entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. The logo for this training program for dentists is aimed at providing information on modern solutions for obtaining better results and wining more patients. DDS-CEO helps great dentists become great CEOs.

-if it helps -> the training program will review practical business areas of the dentist's practice like expenses, profitability, improving staff effectiveness and winning more patients.
Industry: Medical & Dental

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Business Growth
2. Quality & Value
3. Modern

Target Audience
-Private Practice Dentists
-Men and women various locations
-Highly educated
-They also own their businesses, so looking for growth opportunities, expansion, new clients
-Looking to modernize

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
**We want to emphasize modernity, we would rather NOT see the typical image of the tooth that you always see in dental offices. If you do use it, we prefer it's somehow an abstracted so it's not so obvious.

This is a link to elements we would like to see in the logo:https://bit.ly/3a6hwfh

-some kind of profit line increasing (see images linked above)
- IF you must use a tooth, please make it look more abstract

**The logo must use at least one of the colors below or a combination, but not any other colors not outlined here.

FONTS: MUST be Avenir (any variation) and/or Akzidenz Grotesk (any variation) ***See below for our other program logos we'ved used in our organization. FOR REFERENCE ONLY the new logo does not have to look like these, but must abide by the color scheme and fonts.

Main Colors: Navy Blue
Pantone 282
CMYK: C: 100 M: 68 Y: 0 K: 54
RGB: R: 0 G: 46 B: 98
Hex Color: #002e62

Pantone: 193
CMYK: C: 0 M: 100 Y: 63 K: 13
RGB: R: 209 G: 18 B: 66
Hex Color: #d11242

Opaque White
CMYK: C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0
RGB: R: 255 G: 255 B: 255 Hex
Color: ffffff

Accent Colors
Pantone Cool Gray 7
CMYK: C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 37
RGB: R: 173 G: 175 B: 178
Hex Color: #adafb2

Pantone Black
CMYK: C: 100 M: 100 Y: 100 K: 100
RGB: R: 0 G: 0 B: 0
Hex Color #000000

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs, 

Contest Discussion

1. Please do not ask clients to look at your logo designs or talk about other designs.
2. Logo designers are not allowed to post external links to your logo designs.
3. Please always be polite and respectful to contest holders and logo designers.
4. Please do not discuss copied designs on the contest pages.  Contact the admin and we will start a "Logo Dispute". Help

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