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Attuned Connections Therapy Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Attuned Connections Therapy
Our Slogan
What We Do
Counseling/ therapy for anxiety, depression, relationships, and trauma.
Industry: Miscellaneous

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Hope, calm, healing
2. Supportive, compassionate relationship
3. Emotional attunement/ understanding

Target Audience
Mostly adults (some adolescents)...both men & women

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
Font: nothing too boxy/ square
Including/ emphasis on 3 colors: ocean blue, a soft sunny yellow (representing hope), and a calming green.
Style: Nature inspired and/ or any symbolism that would elicit feelings of hope and calm, as well as communicate the concepts of compassionate connection and healing.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media, 

Additional Info Added Nov 22, 2019
Keep ‘em coming! I will gravitate toward logos that include emotion-infused imagery (serenity, hope, connection) and new/ different/ unique/ outside the box implementation of my themes. I’m not the most creative person, so I’m definitely relying on your creativity and skill to achieve the mood and unique & catchy look that I’m going for. There may be a great element that I haven’t thought of that will be “the one”. Have fun with it:) There are several so far that I’m definitely considering as possibilities ... but need to see more...

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