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Mental Health Transformations Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Mental Health Transformations
Our Slogan
What We Do
Mental and behavior health counseling/therapy that focuses mainly on behavior (mostly children but not only children). I used the term "transformations" because I'm hoping to catch the clients attention in believing they will obtain meaningful, forever changes in their overall wellness by seeking therapy. I provide services in an office setting as well as in schools and homes.
Industry: Consulting

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Stand out/ Colors
2. strong/catchy
3. Creativity/outside the box

Target Audience
Parents of children with behavior problems, Anyone looking to increase their mental health, People that WANT to make the investment in their therapy

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
I like possibly using MHT instead of Mental Health Transformations. I'm not dead set on either. I'd love to somehow incorporate a butterfly since it represents change. (not a cartoon looking butterfly though) I love blue tones or purple gradient, fancy or funky lettering with a nice flow but legible. Any of my ideas are just ideas, I'm not good at this. I'm not dead set on anything. If you think of something that has nothing to do with anything or any color I just gave you, I'd love to see those too!

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Our average rating is 4.9/5 stars out of 564 Customer reviews