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Michael Witting Multicultural Management Logo Design Contest

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Company Name: Michael Witting Multicultural Management
Our Slogan
What We Do
I am a business coach specialised in Multicultural Management. I teach companies and organisations how to improve the interaction with customers, clients or business partners of different cultural backgrounds. My goal is to raise awareness and sensitivity towards other cultures and help to understand the local habits, business manners and ways of working better. I provide insight in cross cultural communication and how to run virtual / global teams more efficiently in order to use diversity to one's advantage. During my career I travelled the whole world but I spent years living and working in Asia which is why I have profound knowledge on cultures like Japan, China and Taiwan in particular. Feel free to ask if further information is needed.
Industry: Consulting

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Collaboration/ Empathy/ Harmony/ Respect/ Balance
2. Outgoing yet professional minded/ Connecting with people
3. Breaking the ice/ Building trust/ Being Reliable

Target Audience
Companies and organisations of any industry that interact with clients/ customers in foreign countries. Also those who employ stuff across countries or have a diverse workforce of different cultural background. I also target professionals like expatriates or managers who are to be sent abroad and need cultural training for themselves and/or their spouse. I am working globally whether in personal seminars or via online webinars so there's no location preference. My home office is in Germany but I spent a lot of time also in Taiwan and Japan.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
No preferences, really. I just had the idea that the initials of my name Michael Witting - M W and the initials of Multicultural Management - M M could be highlighted and arranged symmetrically somehow, or mirrored in a circular shape .... however, as said, no preferences. Please feel free to design differently.

Our Design Will Be Used On
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