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DH Dehon Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: DH Dehon
Our Slogan
Stylish Quality Automobile Wheels for All Drivers
What We Do
We design and manufacturer high quality custom alloy wheels for cars with better performance and different look.
Industry: Automotive

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Strong Engineering
2. Modern
3. Simple easy to recognize and remember

Target Audience
Young and middle age Male Car owners.
Asian Market but like European/Japanese car culture.
Medium High end car owners.
Like cool stuff, different from others.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
Simple logo preferred, easy to recognize and clean looking

The logo has to be placed in a circular emblem of diameter 70mm located in wheel center cap in the middle of a car wheel.

“DE” or “Dehon” or both “DE Dehon” can be the main logo and should be big and fill up main part of circular cap.

Bright or contrast colors are preferred.

3D feel/embossed/standing out/pop up logo design.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs, 

Our average rating is 4.9/5 stars out of 564 Customer reviews