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Animal Adventure Vet Logo Design Contest
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Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Animal Adventure Vet
Our Slogan
What We Do
Animal Adventure Vet is a newly formed LLC that will eventually become a veterinary hospital and pet supplies store with physical retail stores as well as an online business component. The business will be marketed as a one stop shop for veterinary services and pet supplies with a heavy emphasis on small animal and exotics.
Industry: Retail

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Want to see everyone still interested in competing to try and make a logo using the Zootopia font pictured (green and any other color variations) Also, if possible include a similar shaped chameleon as the one animated one with the coloring of the real on
2. I want to see everyone’s attempt the word “Animal” in multi color and variations of ONE chameleon with their coloring matching the letter they are near or touching (or both) Adventure Vet needs to be in large green or blue font.
3. To be clear just want one large chameleon above the word animal. With the coloring of each foot/leg changing with the letter it is standing on or directly above. So just one chameleon but multi color. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Target Audience
The target audience will be pet owners including, but not limited to owners of: dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chameleons, bearded dragons, snakes, birds, etc. The demographic will be 20-50 year old middle and upper class pet owners. The fact the children may have a role in the decision to chose this business must be considered. The logo should be very clearly legible, but also imply a fun and modern family oriented experience.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
Attached chameleon logo is exactly what I want or something very similar for the icon.

Will also consider any other type of pet animal.

Try whatever fonts you want but I’m starting to lean to something easy to read.

I would strongly consider something including a simple chameleon (or other animals/scenery) for the icon and the words “Animal Adventure Vet” shown in any color or font. Want it very professional looking but am interested in all options. This will likely be my top choice but obviously if as creators you have an idea I’ll consider all submitted.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Television,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Additional Info Added Jul 27, 2019

In the past 2 days after doing some marketing research and just looking at available options I’ve determined that what I want is a logo in the standard Zootopia font (or very similar) with no more than 3 colors used for the word “Animal” and the “Adventure Vet” words to be in green or blue. I want the chameleon to be completely separate from the written logo but close enough to color change with the changing colors in the word “Animal”. No leaves or other scenery is preferable. Want the chameleon by itself to easily identify the brand such as the swoosh of Nike does in a way. The colors of the chameleon should be the same as the words in Animal but fade to a third color at the top of its back farthest away from the letters. Where it touches or is close to touching the letters it changes to that color. Would really like to see the word “Animal” in watermelon colors fading from green to light green and then to pink/salmon color and the chameleon fading with the letters but then to blue at its dorsal back. Want no shadows or 3D effect used for the letters (or only very subtle use of) And the chameleon to basically touch the word Animal (just barely with its feet or tail) most of the length of the word. The words Adventure Vet should be green or blue all one color and be at least 50-75% the font size of Animal in the same or similar font. The chameleon itself I would like to be simple and almost 2D again as to be used as a stand alone logo for the company when separated from the rest of the logo. The current number 1 is perfect in this regard. Open to variations but this font, color, and simple style pattern will likely win the contest.

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