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Farming Falmouth Logo Design Contest
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Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Farming Falmouth
Our Slogan
'Together We Grow' or 'Growing Food and Community'
What We Do
Farming Falmouth is a group of local farmers, gardeners, ocean stewards and educators who seek to celebrate the food-producing heritage of Falmouth, MA, USA and to cultivate connections between our community and farmers. We envision a sustainable food culture that is a vital and flourishing part of our town. Through promoting community gardens, school farm field trips, and outreach events, we want to educate about how our food is grown, where it is grown and who grows it. Another aim of FF is to keep food in our landscape by conserving farmland and putting more of it into production, as well as tapping -- responsibly -- into the potential of the sea for food and making the best use of our local resources in a sustainable way.
Industry: Non-Profit

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. We are a coastal farming town with many small land farms and shell fish and kelp "aquaculture" farming.
2. We hope for a sense of community engagement and involvement. The logo will be shrunk and added to local restaurant menus to indicate locally grown.
3. Our town, Falmouth, has more water than land and we want to convey the land/water balance and importance of environmental conversation and preservation.

Target Audience
Cape Cod, MA, USA is seen as a very wealthy community but the year-round population is very blue collar. We want to connect our year-round and wealthier, seasonal community members, possible funders and local eaters about the importance of knowing about and supporting local food growing.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
We lean towards very simple logos that can be scaled down and reproduced in b&w and limited colors. We like the Stone Barns/ Blue Hill (of NY, USA) logo of a rabbit because although it is a pest to most growers, it evokes good feelings towards the farm.

We like our local Falmouth Farmers' Market turnip logo. Especially with the tagline: Rooted in Falmouth. Turnips were once an important crop here. And the "rooted" message also sent a message to the Town: Here to stay.

Our Goal is to keep the logo simple, evocative, easy to scale down to menu-asterisk size, and reproducible in b&w. We are a town of small farms, historic strawberry fields and lots of fishing and shellfishing. No silos and hills of ploughed fields!!!

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Contest Discussion

1. Please do not ask clients to look at your logo designs or talk about other designs.
2. Logo designers are not allowed to post external links to your logo designs.
3. Please always be polite and respectful to contest holders and logo designers.
4. Please do not discuss copied designs on the contest pages.  Contact the admin and we will start a "Logo Dispute". Help

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Contest Holder
Joined: Jun 18, 2019
Posted On July 11, 2019
  Hi -
We've had a new thought about a design that was more like an old-fashioned seed catalogue pencil drawing.
Some thoughts:
1. a sketch of a strawberry and in the silhouette of the strawberry a shadow of a clam or oyster
2. kale leaves and in the negative space between the leaves an oyster or clam

Thinking single food item with another item in the negative space that can also be scaled down to a menu stamp and black and white.

Thank you!

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Joined: Jun 18, 2019
Posted On July 10, 2019
 I like some of the newer entries. Thank you.

In short, we are looking for a design that is simple, beautiful and says, "Grown from the Earth." And can easily print in black and white so please provide both a color version and b&w.

Thank you!

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Joined: Jun 18, 2019
Posted On July 9, 2019
  I am hoping to reopen this contest to get a few more edits to the current designs.

Thank you!

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Joined: Jun 18, 2019
Posted On June 26, 2019
 We are looking for a design that looks more homegrown and rustic and less corporate. We are a small town, small farm nonprofit and many of these designs seems like a big corporation logo.

We like the imagery of waves, water and nutrient cycles as well as pitch forks and eating forks. We also really like the simple, old-fashioned pencil-sketches images of fruits and vegetables.

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