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Shop-England.com Logo Design Contest
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Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Shop-England.com
Our Slogan
What We Do
Shop England will be an online directory and feature site highlighting small creative retail businesses based around the country. Artists, ceramicists, jewellery designers, textiles, glass art, homewares, childrens goods, artisan foods etc etc. Small businesses and the majority of them are one person businesses. The site won't sell products but will promote members, their businesses and their products. The site also does a lot on social media. Members join on a subscription basis.
Industry: Retail

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Made in England
2. Professional quality small businesses
3. Fun, friendly, exciting, honest

Target Audience
We want to target people who like to buy handmade and support small businesses. People who shop online and prefer to buy something that isn't mass produced. Who like quality and originality. Mostly female with a good disposable income aged 30+ We also want to target small creative businesses to join the site.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
EDIT LAST DAY. There are no entries which incorporate the emblems rose and lion, would really like a character like the sister sites (dog, dragon). Red, white and blue seem logos are best colours so far and having the words on top of each other looks good. Thank you. Logos attached for an idea of logos for sister sites. Also shop-scotland.com and shop-cymru.com. Possibly a rose somehow incorporated? Something that represents England. Both the Scottish and Welsh versions have a price tag worked into the logos, would like that too if it can be done. On social media I use the dog and the dragon/daffodil alone without the text. Would be good to get something similar that I can have separate if needed. Red and white probably but will leave it up to you. It must be on a white background though. Please don't use pink or purple or any "crafty" things like knitting needles or paintbrushes. Also please do not have the whole thing in capital letters. Thank you. EDIT. Please don't use the Union Flag, that is for the UK not England. And please don't feature London icons. The price tag should be subtle in the design, not the main feature. An English rose or the national animal which is a lion. Or something which combines 2 emblems, like the Scottish (dog/nessie) and Welsh (dragon/daffodil) versions. Thanks.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Contest Discussion

1. Please do not ask clients to look at your logo designs or talk about other designs.
2. Logo designers are not allowed to post external links to your logo designs.
3. Please always be polite and respectful to contest holders and logo designers.
4. Please do not discuss copied designs on the contest pages.  Contact the admin and we will start a "Logo Dispute". Help

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