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6Beavers Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: 6Beavers
Our Slogan
MEP Partner Engineered for you
What We Do
Engineering & Consultancy Project management firm of Mechanical Electrical Plumbing works on Construction sites as will as Railways systems projects. “We integrate between people (our professional engineers) to technology and engineering at medium to mega construction projects for final success on time and within budget. 17/07/2019 Dear artists and designers, I really appreciate your efforts and creative work, But want to emphasize again: 1- our company dealing with MEP engineering service not Construction 2- the logo shall indicated something belongs to the creativity on engineering and the modern building information modeling. Please do not focus on the beaver animal! It’s just an inspiration from nature. 6 number could be combined in the logo since it’s a number added for the sub disciplines that we deal with on our mega projects. 3- the name beaver and letters shall be visually related to engineering nothing to do with comics or animals. Although I admire and respect your creativity but still not satisfied with specific idea that “makes me jump of my chair” our of excitement. I wish that I’ve explained my self better for you to provide the “WOW” idea. Attached few photos from our "engineering life" at mega projects, you might find the best inspiration to make my logo very unique and related to such business : Mechanical & Electrical for construction and rail ways. waiting to see the "ONE" thanks again for your efforts and creativity Sincerely Shadi Khatib
Industry: Construction

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Modern, Innovation
2. Professionalism
3. Global , Worldwide, International

Target Audience
Dear creative designers, We cannot compromise for the ones entered so far. You might get inspiration from an electrical mechanical parts, probably outdoor (infrastructure and Catenary Systems) that will be related to Engineering and to our market. BUT PLEASE to get there, follow the list to make sure your designs meet all of the 7 guidlines: 1-Keep it Simple 2-Make it Memorable 3-Make it Fresh 4-Make it Modern Yet Timeless 5-Make it Proportional and Well Balanced 6-Make Sure all The Pieces Work Together (typically called a lockup) 7-Make it Versatile Our logo will be used in a number of ways and in multiple contexts. Here are just a few: On t-shirts, hard hats (safety helmets) , baseball hats, Jackets, cars On pens, keychains and water bottles On very horizontal and extremely vertical banners On LinkedIn and website On both black and white backgrounds (make sure you create the logo in black and in white to satisfy these needs if necessary) Very large and very, very small

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
17.07.19 Style: 3D modern, innovative, powerful, not complex even smooth & simple NO comic please!!!!! try to "play" with the letters of 6BEAVERS to get a very visual easy do remind TM colors: YELLOW, light blue, Light green, orange, & white,

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Television,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Additional Info Added Jul 24, 2019
LESS THAN 2 hours left!!!
Hope you’ll submit the best and closest idea to our vision.

Meanwhile I’d like to really appreciate each one of you and your efforts, it’s not obvious at all to work and create while you know it could be only an opportunity to expose your talent and get better & better in a world wide logo design market.
Sincerely yours
Shadi Khatib
6Beavers founder

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