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LevelUp Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

Company Name: LevelUp
Our Slogan
Where gamers play and update
What We Do
The most influential and recognized gaming site in Mexico and all Latin America. Levelup.com features fresh and original content created by gamers for gamers concerning reviews, web shows, special live coverages (i.e. E3 Video Game Expo), and the latest news about the video game industry worldwide.

Site: Levelup.com

“LevelUp.com is the leading site and social network destination for the video game community in Latin America, with over 3.3M monthly unique visitors".
Industry: Internet

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Gaming expertise
2. Trustworthiness & friendliness
3. A more modern and stylish look and feel

Target Audience
Demographics.- LevelUp.com serves Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide. The site offers to the gaming community original gaming-related content such as news, previews, video game reviews, first-hand live coverage, e-Sports coverage, original web series and game-play trailers. User Profile.- Hardcore Gaming, Console Gaming, PC Gaming, e-Sports (Professional Gaming Tournaments). Age.- 18-45. Gender Distribution.- 80% male - 20% female. Traffic Distribution.- Most traffic comes from Mexico and Latin America. Level of Education.- High School, College and higher. Audience Profile.- Our audience is anyone who needs to make a smart purchase decision regarding video games. At LevelUp.com we take people through the journey of deciding what video game they want to purchase based on critics, reviews, and game-play trailers in order to facilitate them a smart purchase decision (i.e. we advise them not to buy video games that sucked i.e. Fallout 76). We offer previews and reviews after launch dates, and we even offer a place where users are able to discuss gaming-related topics in a live scenario with other gamers...sense of community.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
We’d like for the logo design to align to these 2 design ideas: Design 1 (Full Logo).- This version of the logo must include full word “LevelUp” and will be utilized for web, videos, Facebook headers, Twitter, promotions, stickers, and so on. Design 2 (Icon).- This version of the logo can be an icon designed either on a square or circular fashion and will be utilized for Apps, Favicon, YouTube thumbnails, profile images on social media, W10 thumbnails, and so on. Fonts, Colors, Style.- We’re not satisfied with our current logo design, please see previous logos below (attached). Overall our last and most recent logo design wasn’t well received among the gaming community in Latin America. This is why we’d like for all design proposals to be based on the logo we launched back in 2015 (see attachment), yet we want for it to convey a fresher look and feel (more modern and stylish) and to align for its use in merchandising and e-Sports tournaments as a “sponsor” brand, as well as for use in multiple platforms, including: Web (.com), YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter, and Twitch. We’re looking for a logo design that is simple yet stylish, modern, and friendly in order to convey trustworthiness and most importantly, loyalty to our audience. As Far as Color Goes.- We’d like for the logo to rely on color red primarily as it has always suited our identity within the gaming community, yet, we’re open to receive design proposals on other colors, as long as all designs keep conveying the concept and identity we’d like for the logo to represent. As Far as Wording Goes.- The word “LevelUp” MUST be utilized on all logo designs. Word "LevelUp" must be featured on the inside rather than on the outside and can be accompanied by a symbol related to the gaming world, as long as said symbol is subtle and friendly. Also, the word ™ must be present on the logo (this is a MUST as well). Please describe all intended uses for the logo: Web.- LevelUp.com. Merchandising.- We want to be able to use the logo in t-shirts, mouse pads, glasses, and all sorts of merchandising. YouTube Channel.- www.youtube.com/user/levelupcom. Facebook.- www.facebook.com/LevelUpCom. Instagram.- www.instagram.com/levelupcom. Twitter.- twitter.com/LevelUpComfacebook.com/LevelUpCom. Twitch.- www.twitch.tv/levelupcom.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Mugs & Tshirts 

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