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Mercurys Lineage Logo Design Contest

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Company Name: Mercurys Lineage
Our Slogan
What We Do
Mercury's Lineage is a society dedicated to raise the prevalence, integrity and existence of young (21-39) entrepreneurs and help guide those entrepreneurs and their businesses to monetary and public spirited (social, community and world impact) success. One of the most prominent end goals of this society is to accumulate enough good hearted and successful entrepreneur members to form a global entrepreneurial task force for good to all work together and attack and solve our world’s biggest public health, economic and social problems and create a better and brighter future for all!

Our products/member features:
1. Mercury’s Net: an online portal and social platform where members go to refer each other’s services and create strategic alliances.
2. In person fun social/networking events such as Napkin Mixers and Mastermind Meetings in which our attending members collective mindset is to be to network in a way that maintains helping other members as their first priority and in return with everyone helping each other, they themselves will recieve the help they need as well.
3. Technological Busines Solutions: We have a plethora of in house web based apps and softwares that help businesses with all facets of their businesses such as marketing apps (email lead generation, social media growth, etc...), finance apps, networking apps, planning/strategy apps and much more. We plan to make these apps into an app suite soon.
Industry: Miscellaneous

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Innovation/Entrepreneurship
2. Integrity
3. Purpose. Passion. Profit.

Target Audience
Entrepreneurs, both men and women from any ethnic background/nationality, between the ages of 21-39 who own or are starting/have an idea for a businesses in the service, technology/SaaS or big ticket item (furniture, houses, cars, electronics, luxury items, etc.) industries. These individuals are outgoing, filled with passion, innovative, hard-working, fun, purposeful, intelligent and friendly.

We chose Mercury's Lineage as the name of our society because Mercury is the Roman God of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, communication, travel and luck.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
SIMPLE/not complex but very sophisticated and tech/innovative like with a Roman and Silicon Valley culture fusion to it. Highlights human connection.

A design that captures technology, luxury, social/fun, power, purpose, high-class, innovative, inclusive, intelligent design and a multicultural fusion between Silicon Valley and Roman design. Our desired color pallet options are the following: 1. Black and Gold, 2.
Royal Blue and Gold, 3. Emerald (make sure it is emerald (light green)) Green and Gold, 4. White and Gold or 5. a mix between some of these mentioned colors if it looks good to you. Clean but classy and future/forward thinking. For more inspiration, please see our attached images but please add more of a tech/innovation/Silicon Valley feel to it and go along with the design characteristics that we listed in the first sentence in this paragraph too.

Ideas to try (please make one of these and submit it with one of your own unique designs as well so we can explore more than just out own creativity):
1. A guy and a girl both holding mercury’s staff (in the middle of them) with business attire on, Mercury’s shoes on all in the middle of a circle or hexagon logo with a roman pattern on the outside
2. Business shoe with wings like Mercury always wears in the myths or new age Mercury shoes with rockets (and wing style still on them) instead of functional wings.
3. Are universal and very effective and recognizable simple symbol for entrepreneurship. New. Not one that exists. Will act as a staple for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Probably I have to include a suit, tie, and lightbulb, or something like flight oriented Mercury god (wings or rocket) and or something that signifies Mercury’s bloodline.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Billboards & Signs,  Television,  Mugs & Tshirts 

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