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FurnitureBrokerLex.com Logo Design Contest
Seen Tuesday, August 29

Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: FurnitureBrokerLex.com
Our Slogan
What We Do
Furniture Broker & Internet Retail
Industry: Retail

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. casual but sophisticated look
2. simple and clean
3. refined but everyday

Target Audience
Age: 30-55, Quality Furniture at a good price. Good deal. Direct internet price. Women.

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
I like the fonts of:
-Pottery Barn Furniture
-Crate and Barrel
-Ethan Allen
-Restoration Hardware

I want a refined rustic look with a touch so sophistication. I would like a heavy metal rustic frame with a clean refined rustic interior (not too rustic) with brushed metal Logo and Lettering. I would like it to have a raised lettering effect. If possible I would like it too look like a real outdoor sign.

The logo will be shown on top of White Brick as seen at www.FurnitureBrokerLex.com. I would like the frame of the logo to be a heavy dark rustic metal with a medium brown grey (not red) wood tone. I am open to warm medium grey wood tones without browns also. Pick a wood tone that looks good on top of white brick.

You will see other notes on the attached images.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media, 

Additional Info Added Jul 17, 2017
No one is really getting close. I know what I want so if possible, could someone focus on 1 of the 2 possible designs. I like both. So if for any Design reason we can not accomplish one of them, then hopefully we can create the other.

Possible Design 1: Description: Paneled Framed boxed with Brushed Steel 3D Lettering (See below or attached image for more details)

Possible Design 2: Real Warm Wood Panel + Dark 3D Metal Frame + Brushed 3D Lettering

Possible Design 1 Notes:

Description: Paneled Framed boxed with Brushed Steel 3D Lettering


-Dark Wood 3D Frame around the entire box

-Just like shown below, I would like a 3D molding with inside stair step edge.

-If possible, I would like it to look like a realistic surface (instead of just a computer color). See how the image below has shadowing and different shades that makes it look real.

Possible Design 2 Notes:

Description: Real Warm Wood Panel + Dark 3D Metal Frame + Brushed 3D Lettering


The wood needs to be a real wood image. Not just a computer scanned look.

The wood color must look good with white and greys (not to red)

I like a cleaner rustic wood like the West Elm and Ray White signs. I like the color & tone of the Ray White sign a lot.

Please change name to “TheFurnitureBroker.com”. I just purchased the domain. Put “The” as a small part of the sign "The Clubhouse"

UPDATE: 7/17/17


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Posted On July 14, 2017
  I forgot to mention that I do not need the text "Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati & Surrounding Areas" included in the new logo.

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