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Inspired to Care Solutions Logo Design Contest
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Design Contest Brief

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Company Name: Inspired to Care Solutions
Our Slogan
Connecting, Educating and Collaborating
What We Do
educating, connecting, and collaborating with professionals to advance knowledge, solutions, and engagement when working with consumers. When working with parents and individual(s), Inspired to Care Solutions will step by step help to work through barriers, that have caused a road block to meet goal.
Inspired to Care Solutions core focus is to have the individual(s) feel respected, create opportunities for continual learning and development, dependable, and to create an environment where there is open- minds.
Industry: Miscellaneous

Things to Communicate Through Our Design
1. Growth in becoming aware from being educated
2. Training and consulting that bring people together to learn about how to do things from a differnt perspective
3. arising from some external creative impulse

Target Audience
Social workers, mental health professionals, social service agencies, nursing home and home health industry, parents/ couples seeking help with co parenting

Females and males working in the above sector. Ages 24- 55 years old

We Like These Designs (fonts, colors, style)
Colors turquoise, orange, and fuchsia and black

The font and style I am not to particular about. Im looking for something that speaks growth, inspiration and people coming together to make the change happen. The first I in the word Inspired could maybe resemble a tree base and have hands as leaves. Also, I was thinking maybe have a regular tree with leaves, and have a few leaves falling over the word care, then have a leaf as a dot for the letter i in Solutions. Another idea I thought, could be hands or people coming together from the name. All the colors don't have to be used, but for sure the color turquoise should be used. However, if you can utilize 2 or 3 of the colors that is fine to.

Our Design Will Be Used On
Web,  Print Media,  Mugs & Tshirts 

Contest Discussion

1. Please do not ask clients to look at your logo designs or talk about other designs.
2. Designers are not allowed to post external links to your logo designs.
3. Please always be polite and respectful to contest holders and designers.
4. Please do not discuss copied designs on the contest pages.  Contact the admin and we will start a "Logo Dispute". Help

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Posted On June 17, 2017
 I like the font of entry # 2, 23 and 28. I like the color turquoise entry number 23. Please no other colors besides turquoise fuchsia and orange. I like how entry 13, 2 and 31 utilize some type of different theme or shape which is nice but I don't want any type of heart shape and it doesnt have 2 be a tree. I like how Inspired is spoted out before any other word. I like how some entries have been able to incorporate the slogan and that is not taking over the business name or look old.

Here are links 2 help with ideas

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