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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Karin
Excellent service, especially having a "real person" with whom one can correspond and talk to by telephone, to get guidance or advice. The logos submitted were of very high quality, a real torture to have to choose one of them, since so many were absolutely beautiful. The logomyway website works well and is user-friendly. Overall a great experience.
Website: None

Name: Zombii
Our experience at LogoMyWay was fantastic. The designers came up with creative and quality logos. The contest ran smoothly and we were very appreciative of the admin for being so helpful and communicative. We would like to thank all of the designers for working hard and designing unique logos.

All in all we highly recommend LogoMyWay, and we will definitely be coming back for our next logo.
Website: None

Name: Stephan
Absolutely love using LogoMyWay. The talent pool is unbelievable. We are really pleased with the number of responses we got to our contest. Not only were there a lot, the quality was really great.

The process was easy, intuitive, and we appreciate the constructive and frequent communication between customers and designers.

We are very pleased and it was a great value! We shall be back soon !
Website: None

Name: Hilton Construction
We had an excellent experience with Logo my way from start to finish. Our representative Joe D, was always there to answer our questions and help out in any way possible.

I want to say a special thanks to all the great designers who put fourth entries. You all did a great job. It's was great working with all the designers. They were really great with doing what I asked and making changes. I recommend anyone hosting a contest of there own to personally get in touch with each designer and personally invite them to your contest, you will get many more entries.

All in all, this was a great experience and I will definitely use the service in the future. The contest was reopened until we were happy with our logo, which was great. Thanks again Logomyway!
Website: Hiltongroup.ca

Name: hjbones
This is my third experience with logomyway. Time have passed by, but the high quality of designers along with an outstanding customer service still there. I just don't see myself going somewhere else to do a logo.

Logomyway is worth every penny and more. Best experience ever! You will never know how great your logo can be or become until you try logomyway!
Website: None

Name: Listen Lightly
I was extremely impressed with the service provided by LogoMyWay. The designs submitted were excellent, the customer service I received was quick and helpful and the interaction with the designers and the team at LogoMyWay couldn't have been smoother.

I would 100% recommend using this website to find a logo - I am SO happy with the one I chose and constantly am complimented on it. Thank you!
Website: Listenlightly.com

Name: Ellen
I have been super impressed and I really enjoyed the experience at logomyway! I signed up for the longer contest and it was a little bit slow as far as entries in the beginning but then it really began to pick up and I had so many beautiful designs to choose from it was very difficult!

The artist that I chose has been very accommodating and helpful in making some last-minute changes! It was really a great experience and I will be using them again in the future for other business logos :-)
Website: windsweptwellness.com

Name: Ken
A highly leveraged, user friendly process. Well managed with personal handholding by a real person at LMW to help you with every step. Most importantly, we received GREAT work product and we are incredibly pleased with the outcome and ease and speed of achieving that outcome.
I HIGHLY recommend Logomyway!!!
Website: None

Name: Anand
It was a great experience to see so many creative choices. I have to admit at the end it was tough to eliminate.

LogoMyWay is a one stop shop and you don't need anything beyond here to find the right logo.
Website: None

Name: Cole
I input my information and got hundreds of logos within days to review. Once I put in my criteria and started commented on what I wanted and didn't want, all the designers input the best visuals for me to review. I will use logomyway for all logos that I need.
Website: None

Name: tamistaker@gmail.com
Absolutely love using LogoMyWay. This the second logo design that has been done for me. The talent pool is unbelievable. I couldn't believe how many choices were provided. The designer of the logo that I ultimately selected was very flexible and communicated with me every step of the way. The logo is perfect -- exactly what I wanted and more.

I'd provide my website, but our name change won't be public until 9/1 to allow for site redesign and all the other tasks involved with that huge project.
Website: None

Name: John O'Neill
We had six partners with six very different ideas for a logo. The turnout on our contest was outstanding. We narrowed it down to a handful of choices and then asked the designers to make tweaks to their submissions. In the end, we were able to agree on a logo and have a very positive experience.

This is the second time we have used this service (another company) and it just keeps getting better.
Website: Riverbendsolutionsgroup.com

Name: David Bates
We were really pleased with the number of responses we got to our contest. Not only were there a lot, the quality was really great and it was easy to work with the designers to make modifications as we saw. Our contest was judged by a "committee" and Logomyway was great at being patient with the time and process we took to pick a winner.
Website: projecthelpinghands.org

Name: Andrea & Mike
What a fun process! What we thought we wanted changed throughout the contest and we ended up with a beautifully designed logo that is perfect for our company. Thank you so much- we will definitely be referring all of our business friends to you!!
Website: None

Name: Randy R
Logomyway delivered as promised and blew me away with the quality and quantity of great looking designs. A number of designers provided more than one idea, or a couple of variations of a single design, all of which really helped in the decision process.

I provided some detail about our company, some design elements we like and the value we provide to our customers and all of the designers picked up the ball and ran with it. In the end I could never have come up with a design this perfect on my own!
Website: allvenuegraphics.com

This is a great way to get EXACTLY what you want for a great price. Joe is very personal with you from the start of the process, makes you feel like you are designing the logo yourself. Toss some ideas and let these artist take you there. ITS AMAZING!!
Website: None

Name: Schrankkönig
Received loads of logos. I suggest you rate the logo on a daily basis and leave comments. This way you will end up with what you wanted.
Website: None

Name: Xela Aroma
We were overwhelmed by the talent and options we had for our new corporate logo. It made the decision a difficult one as there were so many fantastic options to choose from. The customer support on the logomyway end was terrific - quick responses to all our questions! Thank you very much.
Website: xelaaroma.com

Name: Linda
We have used logomyway for a number of years and for a number of projects, never have we been disappointed with the logos that have been presented to us. I can't wait for another project so I can start another contest. It's so fun to go to your contest to see what's new from the day before!!
Website: Save.org

Name: Travis Grissom Photography
Logomyway.com met and exceeded our expectations. All of the designs were very good and it was hard to choose the winner. Our dedicated account manager, Joe D, was in constant contact with us. I would recommend logomyway.com to anyone looking to create a brand or re-brand an existing business.
Website: Travisgrissomphotography.com

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