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LogoMyWay Reviews and Testimonials

Name: Jenny
Very happy with our logo!
Website: None

I really like Logomyway because:
1. LMW webpage lightweight and easy to access.
3. fast process
4. wise
5. socialized

Thank you Logomyway and Joe, I hope your days are always fun.
Website: None

Name: InspiHR
Fun, fast and fascinating...

This was a great experience -- and so very interesting as I had entries from quite a few countries (including the US, of course). In fact, the winner of my contest is based in Indonesia.

And I have to say this, but what a good deal! I had dozens of designers working on my logo -- I mean, how would that ever be affordable except through this venue? To me, it was (not a lot of) money well spent.

I wish I needed more logos!

(May I offer a tip? Don't discount a designer because their entry doesn't do it for you; I found that most welcomed feedback and were eager to re-work and give it another shot.)
Website: None

Name: Bridge Pointe Nurse Consulting, PLLC
It was fast, easy, and affordable to get a bunch of great designs to choose for my logo. Everyone involved was courteous and professional. The hardest part was choosing the design. Thanks, LogoMyWay!
Website: None

Name: Land Tech Group
We were very pleased with our experience using LogoMyWay. Our favorite part was checking in to see all the new submissions. It is a great way to get a wide variety of ideas all in one place. We would definitely use this LogoMyWay again.
Website: None

This was a fabulous way to get a huge range of ideas for our new logo. Excellent service- we are EXTREMELY happy with the logo that we selected from the HUGE range that was submitted- and it was fun! Thanks very much
Website: None

Name: Terrey
This was a fantastic and exciting experience! I never dreamed that creating a logo could be so much fun. Logo my way was in touch with me every step of the way. The designers were all professional and creative.

My final choice was exactly the vision I had in mind for my business logo. And the designer was extremely helpful in making minor adjustments and sending them right way.

I will tell everyone I can about this site!
Thank you. Terrey
Website: None

Name: Sandra Rives
There are only a few companies from personal experience who live up to what they say and LogoMyWay not only does that but exceeds a client's expectations.

The service is incomparable and very personal and prompt. The designs are really great and for someone like me who is very fussy I was so surprised that I was happy from day one. Using only one company is very limiting so this is the way to go!! Highly recommend this company. Will not use any other. Choosing this company was the best decision ever!!
Website: None

Name: david f
JoeD's claim of good service is absolutely justified. In addition to satisfying my need for a high-quality logo, there were some additional tasks I needed done after my payment was made. JoeD responded on a Saturday night within an our of my request with a solution. Great quality and creative logo--excellent customer service. I strongly recommend logomyway.com
Website: bellavetro.com

Name: Angel Storm
As a LeanEntrepreneur, I was excited to try out this site to create a logo affordably. I was more than happy - not only was I presented with hundreds of ideas from a diverse and creative group of designers (as opposed to one or two from a branding firm or consultant), but I was able to iterate on each of the ideas with each designer to make it better and more appropriate for my mission. This was like having a hundred branding firms at my disposal, except that I spent 5% as much money.

Kudos to LogoMyWay and their excellent network of designers.
Website: www.dwellware.com

Name: Rich Nicely
This is the 2nd time I've used LogoMyWay. I was very pleased with both experiences and the final product. The designers were numerous, creative and prompt with making suggested design changes. It was also fun to wake up each day and check the site for progress and to see the new ideas.
Website: www.tx-pt.com

Name: CrowdedHallway
LogoMyWay provided designers that were immediately ready to suit my needs and provide quality design. 5 STARS!!!!!!!
Website: www.crowdedhallway.com

Name: Pam and Tom F
I was a little nervous about using a website to design my new company logo. This was so much fun...and ADDICTING! It was exciting to see others think outside the box to create a unique logo.

We couldn't be happier (although we had a difficult time agreeing on one choice because there were so many talented designers participating!) Thank you so much for offering such a great way for small businesses to buy quality and personal logos. Keep up the great work!
Website: www.insightfullivinginc.com

Name: Visit Longview Texas
Enjoyed the process and the work. Many very possible entries were made and we are happy with what we decided on. Thank you. This is our second time to use Logo My Way and I'm sure we will use it again. It is very good for a quick quality logo for events.
Website: www.longviewchamber.com

Name: Wendy
Best thing I've ever done for my biz!!!
Website: sweatychixfitness.com

Name: FrostBites FroYo Inc.
We are a small start up mobile soft-serve frozen yogurt food truck looking to create an identity for our company.

A friend told me about Logomyway.com and how he had selected his logo from this contest platform. What I liked about the process is that I was not committed to picking a design from just one company or one individual like you would if you went with a design company.

This platform allowed us to feed off the creativity off all the artists that participated, which in the end gave use a logo that we are very excited about...it's better then anything we could have hoped for.
Website: frostbitesfroyo.com

Name: dp89
Great job! We are very satisfied.
Website: www.autorabatto.ch

Name: Kickshaws
LogoMyWay is an amazing tool. We were unsure of the exact logo we wanted and were referred to logomyway by a friend.

We put down what we wanted to express and soon designs from around the world started to come in. Such a great price and how cool is it to live in Hawaii and our logo was designed by someone in Italy.
Website: None

Name: David Bloom
This is our fifth LogoMyWay contest. We have always enjoyed the interaction and creative ideas of the designers. We will have more logo contests for several of our new concepts in the near future!
Website: VeteransRealty.com

Name: Armando Camacho
This is the first time I use LogoMyWay, I had a fantastic experience, customer service was amazing and fast... and the final result of my logo: INCREDIBLE!

I will definitely use it again for my next company/business.

Thank you very much to all the LogoMyWay team.
Website: None

Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 569 Customer Reviews

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