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Our hand picked talented and professional logo designers from all over the world. Finding the right logo designer to design your logo is very important and a crucial part of your business.
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Anthony Designer
"Great logo designers are those who challenge themselves by thinking outside the box and continually refine their skills and ideas which set them apart from the others. Their ideas are simple, their designs are timeless and flow from a creative thought processes - they are trend setters." - Anthony Garcia
Cindy Designer
"A good logo designer should understand the importance of branding and getting to know the business and client they are creating the logo for. Creating something unique, memorable and eye catching is important in any logo design" - Cindy
Daud Designer
A good logo designer must first understand the brief given by the client. After that, designer should be able to do research and find references if necessary, develop ideas from sketches, and make the logo with their own artistic style. For the end result the designer should make sure they are happy and proud with the logo as if they were the client. - Daud
Gustavo Designer
An excellent logo designer looks for the real needs of the client and finds a clear, unique, relevant and timeless solution for the brand. - Tavo
What to Look for When Hiring a Creative Logo Designer
What to Look for When Hiring a Creative Logo Designer
When searching for a logo designer for your new logo it's very important you know what to look for. You need a designer that is professional, creative and versatile. At LogoMyWay we screen all designers before they can join our community. Your designer should design a logo that's simple, memorable, timeless and stands out from your competitors. Check out this article that explains more about what to look for when hiring a logo designer.
10 Famous Logo Designers and Their Iconic Creations
10 Famous Logo Designers and Their Iconic Creations
Everyday you see logos and at a glance you know exactly what company the logo belongs to. This is branding at its best. A good logo designer has a natural ability to create a lasting brand that over time will get stronger and stronger. This article goes over ten iconic logo designers and their amazing creations you see on a daily basis.
10 Logo Design Tips
10 Logo Design Tips
Before designing a logo there are many things you need to take into consideration. You'll need to research the business you're creating the logo for and its competitors. Every logo design should be unique, timeless, memorable and simple. Check out this article on more logo design tips every logo designer should know.