Logo Design Contests

1. Simply fill out the logo contest brief describing your business.
2. We have over 30,000 hand picked logo designers ready to work on your new logo.
3. Choose from 50 to 250 custom logo designs.
4. Select the logo you like and receive all of the proper logo files for your business.
5. Receive 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager.
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Average Rating 4.9/5 Stars Out Of 590 Customer Reviews
Benefits of Running a Logo Contest vs Hiring a Design Agency
Benefits of Running a Logo Contest vs Hiring a Design Agency
When you hire a traditional design agency to create your logo you might only get one or two designers working on your logo. What if you could have dozens, even hundreds of logo designers working on your logo at the same time. The logical answer is, multiple designers are the best option. When you run a logo contest you will get creative, versatile, professional logo designers from all over the world, working on your logo design. Check out this article explaining the benefits of running a logo contest.
Farmers Daughter General Store Logo Contest
Farmers Daughter General Store Logo Contest
This client started a logo contest describing their business and what they wanted to portray through their new logo design. Farmers Daughter General Store is a retail store and boutique selling home decor, clothes, jewelry, craft supplies, baby products, antiques, souvenirs, and gifts. They wanted their logo to look old fashioned, vintage looking and have a farm in the design. They had a lot of great submission from designers all over the world. Check out their logo contest.
Start Your Logo Contest Now
Start Your Logo Contest Now
Start a logo contest now and receive logo submissions from professional, creative designers from all over the world.

Simply fill out the contest brief and your contest will go live to our design community and you'll start to see submissions in real-time within a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running A Logo Contest

How can I make my own logo?
If you're on a strict budget you can make your own logo using our online logo maker. We have hundreds of professional templates you can select from.

All you have to do is enter your company name and then find the logo that best fits your business. You can customize fonts, colors, text, add shapes, and edit your logo until it's exactly the way you want it. Our logo maker is free to try
What are the rules of running a logo contest?
The rules are very general and simple for both the contest holders and the logo designers.

The Contest Holders:
1. Try to leave feedback and rank your designs during your contest
2. Do not ask a designer to copy another logo that is not their creation
3. After your contest ends select a winner within 14 days. If you need more time it's not a problem, we can extend the time limit to give you more time to decide. If your contest ends and you do not see a winner, we will extend your contest another 5 days so you can receive more logo submissions. Our goal at LogoMyWay is to make sure you find a logo design you absolutely love.

The Designers:
1. Always be polite and respectful
2. Never use clip-art or stock-art
3. Never copy other designers work
4. All of your logo submissions must be original and created by you
5. Deliver all final files in vector format and high resolution

LoogMyWay is a fun and professional place for both contest holders and logo designers.
How do I write a good contest brief?
When writing your contest brief it's important to stick to the important aspects of what you want in your logo. When you get too detailed and write a lengthy contest brief, it can actually hurt the process and confuse the designers. A simple contest brief allows the designers imagination to roam and come up with some unique, creative logo designs.

Here are some key points.
1. You want to briefly describe your business and what you specialize in.
2. Explain your demographics and who your target audience it
3. List different things you want your logo to portray, like, boldness, vintage, classic, petite, modern etc.. Those details will help the logo designers when coming up with logo ideas.
4. You can list some fonts that you prefer and some color ideas. The designers will also use what they feel is a good fit for your logo, while keeping your preferences in mind and using those also.
5. Now you will set the prize amount. You can spend as little as $200 or as much as $1000. You'll want to keep in mind the more money you offer, the more designs you will have to select from.

After you fill out the contest brief all you have to do now is pay and launch your contest. The designers will be notified via email of your contest and start submitting logo ideas with a couple hours.
What is a logo contest?
A logo contest is a competition to see who can create the best logo design for your business. You offer a prize amount anywhere from $200 to $1000. You will then fill out the contest brief describing your business and what you're looking for in a logo design.

Once you launch the contest, you will see logo designers from all over the world submitting logos in real-time to your contest. Once the contest ends after 5 days, you select the logo you like the best, and the designer will upload all of the proper files you need for your new logo. It's a simple and fun way to find a creative, unique logo, from minds all over the world.
Can I upload examples of what I like to my contest?
Yes, Inside your account you will see an option to attach images to your contest.
Can I make my logo contest private?
Yes, When you fill out the contest brief you will see an option to hide your contest from the general public, Google and other search engines. This feature allows only our design community to view your contest.
How many logo design changes can I ask for?
There is no limit. You can ask for as many changes as you would like. You can work with dozens of designers at the same time asking for variations. We actually encourage working directly with designers tweaking and improving their submissions.
Do I get the copyright of my new logo?
Absolutely! Once your contest ends and you select a winning design, you can download the contract that transfers all rights from the designer to you. You own the logo 100%.
What if my contest ends and I don't see a logo I love?
If your logo contest ends and you don't see a logo you love, we will extend the contest another 7 days and reach out to our community letting them know that you need more submissions. Our main goal at LogoMyWay is to help you find a logo design you absolutely love.
Why is running a logo contest my best option?
When you run a logo contest, you get to tap into designers from all over the world. When you hire a traditional design agency, you might see 3 to 5 mock-ups of your logo from 1 or 2 designers.

With a logo contest you can choose from dozens, and sometimes hundreds of logos and work with hundreds of designers. Running a contest is the fastest and most affordable way to find a unique, creative logo design for your business.
What files will I get with my logo?
Once you select a winner you will receive all of the files you need for your website, social media, t-shirts, mugs and anything else you want your logo printed on. You will receive high resolution vector files.
( AI, EPS, JPEG, GIF and PNG )
How do I start a logo contest?
To start your contest go to "Start A Logo Contest" and fill out the quick contest brief. Let the logo designers know what your business name is, what you do, and what you want to portray through your logo. Once you submit your contest brief, you will start to see designs coming in from designers all over the world.
How do I select a winner for my contest?
Once your contest has ended and you found a logo you love, simply put that logo in the #1 spot and click "Select Winner". The designer will be notified they won, and they will send you all of the proper logo files you need for your new logo.