Logo Design Software Vs a Logo Designer

A replacement for the human brain is yet to be construed and constructed and I cannot see anything remotely close to designing it happening in my lifetime. The magic of human innovation, creativity and intellect is simply matchless and we can probably compare it to the "C" language in parlance to computing. Today almost all computer system software is written in the "C" language and that includes the complier for the "C" language itself. Thus a human brain designing an artificial brain or an expert system to match its own capabilities is not ruled out. But, that day is far off. Similarly, anything creative or that involves innovation and defies logic such as a graphic design does not fall into the purview of computing, still a lot of innovations are being made in the logo design niche.

Logo design software comes in a lot of variety. Although the use is widespread, most of them work with templates that will only insert your text or preferred colors into one and convert the final logo into a printable and usable format. No imagination, innovation or factors that should go into the actual "thought process" before designing a logo is not undertaken in such cases. In short a logo design software churns out a old Logo Design with a new look and integrates your text and colors.

A lot of parameters go into logo design. The message that the logo has to deliver, the goodwill that it needs to carry, the business message that it needs to get across and the philosophy of the business that it needs to portray are not quantifiable and hence factors cannot be fed as variables to a logo design software. A logo designer on the other hand can think of these aspects at a more humane level and give the logo a better touch. A logo designer is thus one of the major ingredients of a logo design exercise and any logo design software or editing software are only tools that a logo designer can make use of. The intellect comes from the logo designer and its important to have a human design your logo so you can cover all aspects of of a good logo design to help your business reach that next level.

About the Author:
Joe Daley - Founder of Logomyway.com