What NOT to do when creating your Logo Design

With many informative websites providing tips and tricks on creating your own marketing materials including a logo, many small business owners are trying to create their own material with great east. Obviously, this is a very good trend and it would also help cut a few corners for new businesses, but has anyone thought about what not to do while following the tips. A logo is something that can make or break a business and one small mistake could bring a need of rebranding the complete business when it could seem a herculean task. Here are a few donts in the direction:

Size: Size matters, but if the logo takes more space than the text on a sales brochure, it would matter the wrong way. Logo for branding is essential but no customer is interested in how beautiful it is, a customer wants to see what you are offering for his or her money.

Placement: Place your logo on any corner of the page that you think fit, but never use in the middle of the text or in the headline. It will take way the attention of the reader and it would be a design suicide.

Choosing style: Choose one or two style of text (fonts) to get your message across, do not use too many fonts and blotch up the text and in turn the message. Again, the font should match the outlook of your company, a casual font like Comic Sans may look good but will seem your message seem like a joke.
Color: Do not use too much color that could hurt the eye. It says we are screaming at you. In order to get the message across with dignity, use a dignified color and tone it down to match the message.

Too much of Selling: Do not harp on your company too much, it takes a lot o text and no one is really interested.

Space: Make the whole item spacious and leave a lot of white space, this makes the reader comfortable and there are more chances that the message will appeal to his or her.

Photos: If you use photographs, make sure that they are at least of 300 DPI. Any less and the reader can spot the third rate photo.

Different: Be different, do not follow your competition and keep your message unique.

Design: Use a consistent design with every piece of literature. Do not keep change style, colors and fonts. Let your customers visually associate with you.

A compelling, clean and consistent marketing campaign will always bring success. This is the branding mantra, never ignore it.

About the Author:
Joe Daley - Founder of Logomyway.com