The Importance of branding when starting a business
What does a person write while testing out a new pen? 99 out of 100 would write their own name or sign out their name. The reason behind this is really simple; a person is the biggest brand to himself or herself. This is no ego trip but a well tested fact. A human being is branded with his or her name right after birth and they stick with it all through their lifetime, despite what the name means.

The same applies for a business. While naming a child comes more from the heart and mostly instinctive, branding a business needs more thought, in fact, a good brand that includes the name, logo and portrays the values of the business itself is an enduring asset in itself. A good business needs to forge its brand with a high degree of care, nurture and promote it over time and needs to keep it ahead of its competition in the minds of the consumers.

Successful brands always stand out in a crowd and the most important part of any branding is the logo. This needs to be created by a professional logo designer who understands the demographics or the psychological aspects of the expected customers. The logo designer, in addition to his skills with the tools of his trade, needs to understand the basic philosophy of what the business would be about and try to inculcate the values of the proprietor or the business owner into the logo.

As any business should exude the values of the people behind it, a brand needs to convey the same to the consumer at one glance. A professional and experienced logo designer is thus the critical need of the day when creating a brand. Some examples of such branding are Coca-Cola, BMW, Apple, Nike or even Google. Let us discuss the Coca-Cola branding philosophy here.

Coca-Cola despite all kinds of competitors in the market like Pepsi still holds it’s own due to its amazing logo in white and red that seems classic and timeless. The beauty of this brand is that it was designed in a time when cursive writing and fonts were highly prevalent yet it is so simple that it shines through the sands of time. What makes it so very relevant presently is its simplicity and the company offers only a single product under the banner. The Coca-Cola logo thus has become cohesive with the product, so much so that one can taste the cola by just looking at the logo.

About the Author:
Joe Daley - Founder of Logomyway.com