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Firefly Hot Yoga Barre Logo Design Contest

Design Contest Brief

Name On Logo: Firefly Hot Yoga Barre
Our Slogan
Love Up - Lift Up - Light Up!
What we do
Dim lights, amazing music, no mirrors and no judgement - our studio was created to be a safe place where you can feel relaxed, inspired, and empowered as you embark on your journey to a higher state of well being. We are located in downtown Lansing (a block from the state Capitol) and are committed to elevating ourselves, those around us, and our planet. We offer yoga, barre, aerial, and fitness classes. We strive to create a comfortable space where people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, are welcomed and encouraged to shine!

Our mission is simple - we are all about living the UPLIFE. Love Up - Lift Up - Light Up! We start by loving up on ourselves, others, and the planet. We continue by lifting up in that same order, and then that leads to lighting up ourselves, others, and the planet and we just keep that on a repeat loop. Come explore our offerings under our therapeutic far infrared radiant heat and see what direction your life takes when you add the LOVE, LIFT, and LIGHT.

We came up with the name Firefly as it we thought it made sense to have that symbolism of illumination teaching that the light within is the power of life and that everyone has an inner light we just don’t always see it. Just like the firefly - so ordinary by day and so extraordinary when it lights up the sky. It parallels so well with yoga as in the Yoga Sutras (1.36), Patanjali speaks of the eternal light that resides in each of us. That light resides at the heart center and he describes that light as free from all suffering, grief and pain. For me, yoga as a practice, is about discovering that light, illuminating that light, supporting that light in everyday life.

The name firefly also works as we offer hot yoga (fire) and aerial yoga (fly). In my mind I’ve always had a vision of a version of a firefly that symbolizes the inner light and fire that resides within all of us. In yoga the lotus flower is also very symbolic as it represents spontaneity the sun and rebirth so I kind of in my mind thought that the firefly would look like some abstract version of an upside down lotus, but whenever I try to do something it looks too cheesy and I think maybe just 3 points instead of 5 is better.

Triangle is the symbol for Fire
Industry: Service Industries

Things to communicate through the design
1. Minimalist yet empowering design
2. I'd like to incorporate the Love Up Lift Up Light up if possible -
3. What we do as a studio

The target audience
Yoga people - fitness people - strong and empowered people....people who are looking to change their lives people.

We like these fonts, colors and style
I like minimalist designs and I also like custom art that is more linear and not cartoon like. Looking for a logo that would look awesome on a tank top. I like tattoo art as well and am open to designs with and without a firefly in them. In the past the designs I've received with firefly's have been stock style and cheesy. I'd like something that is more open to interpretation like fusing a new age looking firefly with egyptian scarab art or maybe making the firefly look similar to an upside down lotus? I also like the idea of using F's in the wings for FireFly or any ideas you might have that are different and unique. I love sacred geometry art as well. Incorporating a heart, lift (hands or wings) and light into the logo would be awesome. We occupy an old brick building that is gorgeous and the logo needs to match the interior and feel that we have created of dim lights, brick, open space....

Our design will be used on
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