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These are just a few unedited real testimonials out of thousands of satisfied logo designers that are members of LogoMyWay.

LogoMyWay has an excellent reputation throughout our design community for respect, quality contests and fairness to all designers.

We have thousands of dollars up for grabs on a daily basis! All logo contests are prepaid so every contest is guaranteed a winner.
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From United Kingdom

Logomyway is by far the best Logo contests site online. The sense of community with the designers and admin team here is admirable and any issues/problems are resolved in a fair and professional way. There is always a sense of excitement when you see all the logo contests on offer and going up against some amazing designers from around the world only makes you a better designer. I am starting to become a logomyway geek and happily admit it!


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From Philippines

Logomyway is the best among other sites that offer the same service. I have joined other sites like LMW, but I was overwhelmed by their approach, it's like there so many things going on, and if you're a newbie in this kind of work, you don't want that. LMW, on the other hand is more of to the point, contest are here, forums are there, all arranged in a user friendly manner especially the management.

The other thing that puts Logomyway in my top site in the business is because of its great community of designers. Designers are kind (not because of regulations) There are designers that comments if you misspelled the company's name and others complement your design. LMW is a contest site but the designers here doesn't fight to just win the contest but to give every company the best design that represents what they do and what they have become.

Payment here is fast, compared to others that you should wait for a month. The Admin is very accommodating (like Joe) and courteous to answer every question and also gives guidance to some issues. LMW helped me earn extra cash to support my needs and most of the time my wants :D Thank God for creating this site and guiding me to it.

MARAMING SALAMAT! (Filipino for : Thanks you!)


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From Malaysia

Honestly, at the moment I think LMW is the best logo contest site that exists online, and I've tried and tested many other logo contest sites.

The main criteria I look for in a contest site is the site's management, friendly and professional design community plus fast payment upon completion of a project, and LMW has both of them, credit to Joe Daley and his team.

I've never regretted giving my full commitment to provide designs for the contest holders in LMW since day one.

Great job done, Joe!


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From Indonesia

The best thing of LMW since my first signup at Jun 24, 2009 was I've never been so dare to resign from my previous job as Senior Graphic Designer at Hospitality field and stay focus as Logo Designer at LMW.

I think if never found LMW, maybe I still stay behind my boring desk in my previous office. Yes, I decided quit from my full time job and became a freelance logo designer and this was my best decision I've ever made in my life :)

LMW is the best crowd-sourcing site among others. There are so many crowd-sourcing sites treated unfairly and disrespectfully, but I never found it from LMW, the LMW admin always fully support both designers and clients.

So, I have no doubt to say LMW is the best!


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From Indonesia

logomyway at best. I felt very professional, friendly, and fast response to any problems. I was proud to join this community as a place of learning is best for the designer. I thank you for the founders logomyway especially joe who has created this website. logomyway forward to become the number one website logo competition.

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From Indonesia

I know LogoMyWay first time before I understood that similar sites, since I joined the LMW end of 2009 I 've felt like in my own home, I had several times tried other sites but never found as powerful and as easy as opening a page on each sheet of LMW.

More fun here than anywhere else, I really like being here, but very easy to open each page, the community at LMW is the most fair than others. Any disputes can be resolved properly and fairly, Designers who behave like criminals would be removed from the LMW.

Every time your design is chosen by the contest holder, LMW will immediately pay you right afterwards, did not take that long to wait for payment of your prize money here.

I am very proud to be in LMW, Joe Daley and all the staff who run these sites is really great people, although many other competition sites in cyberspace, here is where the most intense and enjoyable.


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From Indonesia

LMW is the best! I have joined other similar sites just to check them out but there is no comparison. I have been a member since 2009 and spend 90% of my online time here....yes I am addicted and loving it!


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From United States

I've participated on numerous crowdsourcing design contest sites in recent years, and without any doubt, LogoMyWay is by far the best. On other sites the design community is often treated unfairly and disrespectfully. LogoMyWay appreciates and respects the designers in a wide variety of ways: responding to Support issues; a Forum where designers are listened to; a "Portfolio" page where 1st Place entries are showcased; and amazingly quick payment upon the completion of a contest. Some other sites take a full 30 days to pay the designer... I've been paid on the SAME day a contest closed (and always within 2 to 3 days maximum)!!!

Also, the design community here is unparalleled - both in expertise/excellence and in fairness and friendliness. Many of the designers here communicate with each other in a cordial atmosphere and one of mutual respect - I have made many friends among the design community on LogoMyWay. This is rare if not absent on every other contest site.

LogoMyWay's website is also well conceived and easy to navigate. Hats off to Joe Daley and his Support Staff. It's a pleasure and an honor to participate here... this is my crowdsourcing home.

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From Brazil

This is a very professional, friendly and designer oriented community. It's also a healthy creative environment, filled with fantastic top quality designers. Once you get to know the community, you'll notice that competition here is more like playing with friends. (Yes, we have our villains too, but they always get dealt with. Always.)

Logomyway is also completely transparent when it comes to payment - Designers and clients are threaded as equals and every single contest is payed. Always.

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From United Kingdom

Crowdsourcing design is a very tough industry with a lot of competition not only from designers but also from other competing crowdsourcing sites, LogoMyWay is by for the best site.

The GUI interface and ease of navigation is great, you know at any time where you are and at what progress a particular contest is. The customer support is fantastic, ask a question, get a reply, I swear they don't sleep at LogoMyWay offices! Payment is incredibly prompt, in some instances you get paid on the same day, but if you don't get paid on the same day you will be paid within 48 hours, now that's customer service, they certainly look after you.

The community of designers are a real community within the forum, we constantly swap design tips and offer advice. LogoMyWay feels like a true design community and not a dog-eat-dog crowdsourcing site, I highly recommend bringing your business to LMW, not only for the superior traits mentioned above, but also for top quality designs and designers.

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From United States

LMW has been far superior than that of other sites in all aspects. Payment is fast, honest and most importantly, GUARANTEED!

The Admin is honest, fair and fast to deal with a situation and in replying to emails. I have found that other such sites have emails that go unanswered and it makes me wonder if they even care. And as far as payment goes on other such sites, it's not guaranteed so you get a feeling of "Oh well" from the Admin.

The community is fair as well and do not seem to take sides like other sites have done because they may have some sort of connection to certain designers.

Thumbs up for the LogoMyWay founder! A+

regal touch designs
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From United States

Logo My Way is by far the best logo contest site I have been a part of. Winning prize amounts are paid quickly and without delay.

The average contest prize amounts and quantity of contests are more than many of the other sites. Another difference from the other sites is that ALL the contests are guaranteed to have a winner.

NONE of the other sites, to which I have belonged, offer this feature. I have put many hours of effort into my designs on other sites, only to have the contest abandoned. This is also an extremely fair community to be a part of. The administration moves quickly and fairly to deal with design disputes and clip art users. I have had problems with copy cats on other sites, only to have my emails to the administration go unanswered. The community of designers here are courteous and treat each other with respect. A great place to belong!!!

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From Portugal

What separates LogoMyWay from other sites is the healthy relation that exists between admin, designer and client. Everything is taken under consideration and we are all equally treated, which provides a better working and production environment, with great results.

Either a client who needs a design, or a designer who needs work, LogoMyWay is the best place to be.