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Company Name: Chestatee Regional Hospital Total Joint Center of Excellence
Our Slogan:  Not Available
What We Do: This is a 49 bed hospital located in rural Northern Georgia that is getting ready to expand our Orthopaedic services. With 3 surgeons we are getting ready to kick off a "Joint Center" for total knee or totall hip replacements. The program is very heavy on patient education and the patient is not treated as someone that is sick, but in need of a new knee or hip. All the patients have their surgeries on the same date and then all have their hospital rehab done together as they are separated from the "sick" patients. The patients wear their street clothes, not hospital gowns., etcOur hospital is a smaller, private, hospital located in a retirement friendly that can provide a more personalized level of care to our patients as opposed to our larger competitors. Not saying they don't provide it, but bigger is not always better.
Industry Type: Service Industries

Top Three Things to Communicate Through Our Logo Design:
#1 Professional
#2 Healing
#3 Excellence

Our Target Audience:
The target audience are individuals (usually from age 50 to senior citizen, in relatively good health) who are or may know someone in need of a hip or knee replacement. The best candidates are those indivuals that are still active but experiencing pain in their knees or hips and possibly need to look into either a replacement or alternative therapies. (Golfers, Tennis players, gardeners, hikers, cyclists, etc)

We Like These Designs. (fonts, colors, style):
I would like to see you possibly use in some capacity the current hospital logo within the design. The logo is available at chestateeregionalhospital.com

Hunter greens is a primary color and would be very open to using color(s) that complement the green.

Our Design Will Be Used On:
Web,  Print Media,  Mugs & Tshirts 

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