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Name: Steps Towards Change - Gregory Beaty

This is my second time using LogoMyWay.com and will certainly not be the last. Always a good experience. Be fair and kind to your designers by giving them feedback and they really will work with you. Starting my third contest this week! Thanks guys! : )

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Name: Shirley J. Wilcher

The process was very impressive. It was efficient; enabled us to receive 215 submissions from very talented artists from around the globe and was very affordable.

My board of directors was very impressed. This is an excellent way for small businesses and organizations to obtain a professional logo and brand with minimal investment. Note that we had paid a professional a lot more but the work generated by this contest was what our board preferred. Thanks!

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Name: Kauai Sandy

Amazing! The only hard part was picking from so many great choices!

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Name: David Medford

I still can't believe what a great logo I got through LogoMyWay! The design talent on LogoMyWay is absolutely incredible. The hardest part was choosing a logo. I would have been thrilled to have chosen any of about 90% of the logos that were submitted. I will definitely recommend LogoMyWay to anyone who wants a great logo.

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Name: Home Rental Systems of Florida, Inc.

LogoMyWay is a great concept. Not to mention the service is outstanding! We needed a refresh in our current logo and received a tremendous amount of great options to choose from. Highly recommended!

Website: www.HomeRentalSystemsFlorida.com

Name: Evalpe Events

What a great concept! We received tens of designs, almost all of excellent quality. We will definitely be using logomyway.com in the future. Many thanks to those that participated in our contest.

Website: www.evalpe.com

Name: France

fantastic service all the way!

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Name: Bella Terra Realty

All I can say is WOW!! We had such an amazing experience having LogoMyWay create our new logo! The contest was so well received, and we had hundreds to choose from, and the designers were so responsive, it was just an amazing experience!! I can't say enough about this company! You will love the results!! Thank you LogoMyWay!!

Website: www.bellaterrarealty.com

Name: Apollo Builders

We had a great experience having many designers provide various options from which to choose.

Website: None

Name: Ms.STEM

Great customer service with Joe and with my designer Patrick. I felt like over time with more feedback, the designs just got better and better.

Website: stemchicks.com

Name: Miroslav

LogoMyWay.com is a great service. We used this website first time in 2011 for creating logo of our accounting company. We got great result and logo we still like after couple years. During rebranding of Benes Consulting Group, we asked our common designer to create new logo, but were not fully satisfied with the result. Therefore we used LogoMyWay.com again... And again, the result was great. We got almost 1000 designs and had the possibility to choose a design that suites to our business and mentality.

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Name: Modern Appraisal Management

Great experience! We enjoyed the reviewing all the logos. We really liked the artist views and their speed in responding to our feedback! We're excited to use the winning logo and the artist was very professional working on minor changes we've requested even after select him as the winner.

Worth the time and money spent! Highly recommend using this site.

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Name: Pooja.R.k

great results..

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Name: Kelly

We received an enormous amount of fantastic logos with over 300 entries. Communication was simple and all our needs were met.

Highly recommend logomyway.com for an inexpensive, yet professional service. You provided the stage for hundreds of creative minds from all over the world to match our brief and give us options. Thanks.

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Name: chubby duck

Very easy process......great results!!

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Name: kajj

Excellent way to get a professional logo.
After I had made up my mind, I want to do some small changes.
What I want came immediately! Thanks

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Name: Bard Malovany

I had a really impressive experience. Not only did we receive well over 100 submissions, the ones we liked were willing to then go back and make modifications (sometimes numerous times) at our request. I ended up with two very different designs that I liked, so I awarded the prize to our first place finisher, and then paid for the second place submission, too. Not only was it cheaper than going to a local graphic artist, I paid less for two logos than I would have at some of the competitors' websites

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Name: Kinecoach

At first I waited some days until I recieved different designs. After 5 days I started with ranking. The concept of Logomyway is great, You get what you want. Thanks.

Website: Coaching-kinesiologie.jimdo.com

Name: Eddy

I am delighted with the service of this site. The choice of logo is very good. Many good designers !!!!

Website: www.sellmycar.fr

Name: SFS1214

What a fantastic experience it has been using LMW! The whole process has been so straightforward and easy from start to finish, but with an end-product that exceeded my expectations. The designers that took part in my contest were all so exceptionally talented and professional that it was very difficult to choose the winning design. I will most certainly be using LMW again, as well as recommending it to friends and family.

Thank you so much for everything!

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