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I was really happy with the LogoMyWay experience. It is great to be able to have access to dozens of designers with their own unique styles. You can update instructions and give feedback during the whole process, which I found really helpful too. The whole experience was a lot of fun and I couldn't recommend it more.

Website: Workingmotheroftheyear.com

Name: Metsker Maps

We didn't know exactly what we wanted in a logo so it was ideal to have input from a wide variety of people. Giving feedback to the designers only made our choices better and our final design was something we were very happy with!

Website: Metskers.com

Name: dallasviper

I've had my logo for almost a year now. Couldn't be more happy!! It was a fun and easy experience. The price is unbeatable! I would highly recommend logomyway.com to anyone looking for a new logo without a doubt!

Website: 323services.com

Name: www.dürrboden.ch

We created our logo 5 years ago with Logomyway. Were, are still very happy with it.

Website: dürrboden.ch

Name: John Hartley

I had a GREAT experience with LogoMyWay. When I first started the contest, I had a vision of what my logo would look like. The designers did a great job putting my vision on paper. The designers were patient with me, and my changes, and the product was a great design. I never get tired of seeing my logo and I am always getting compliments. If you follow my Facebook link from my website, you will see I am always taking a picture of my truck and logo. Love it! I highly recommend LogoMyWay, it was well worth the investment.

Website: waterbladepw.com

Name: Bartender

Just completed a logo competition and even with my low budget i now have a Fortune 500 type logo (only much cooler) thanks to logomyway.com and logo designer Schofield from the United Kingdom. Make sure you invite Schofield to participate in your logo contest. You will wind up with an exciting concept for your business, club, etc. Susie, NYC

Website: None

Name: Bob Williams

I cannot say more about this approach. Dick Close, whom I have never met, came up with the winning logo and I have been using it for years. He even contacted me two years later and offered to tailor the logo for Favebook, free of charge. I love my logo!

Website: Filmsforgood.com

Name: Green Sphere

I used LogoMyWay to try to find someone graphically and artistically inclined to design a logo for my company. I had some specific requirements and was extremely surprised at how many different logo options people sent me to evaluate. It was easy and fast. I have already recommended logomyway to many business partners and friends. Keep up the great work.

Website: Greensphere.ca

Name: TrueDrool.com

TrueDrool.com is home of the -BIG DOG BOX- subscription service for pets.
Our Logo needed to be unique, fun and recognizable for our brand.

LogoMyWay nailed it! Simple.... Easy.... Fast

Website: TrueDrool.com

Name: Joyce Schoettler

Our medical practice needed a fresh look and logo to go with it. We couldn't get the right style and fit through one designer, but once we posted on LogoMyWay we got to see many ideas that helped us discover exactly what features we liked, and gradually morph it into a logo we all liked. Great way to tap into multiple talented designers' ideas.

Website: None

Name: Aneta

Great experience. It was a little overwhelming with all the different designs. You really have to be actively involved in guiding the designers and know what you want. Plus, you really have to have a good eye or help in picking the one you want. I am very happy with the design I got, because I feel it is timeless and classic.

Website: StaronRealEstate.com

Name: Wade Church

I couldn't be happier! The only thing better than having a talented individual work on your logo, is having hundreds working on it. The logo we chose far exceeded our expectations. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Fantastic!!!
If anyone wants to contact me directly with a specific question, my email is: waderc@shaw.ca

Website: Nationalav.com

Name: Dusty

This was by far the easiest and most affordable way to go about getting a logo. I wish I'd known about LogoMyWay when I first started my business - it would have saved me literally thousands of dollars! The designer I chose was most gracious about giving me a slightly altered version of the logo months after the original was purchased, and at no extra charge. This is truly going above and beyond, and this is why I recommend LogoMyWay to everyone!

Website: Cuttothechasehearingpros.com

Name: StaffMarket

We were a bit skeptical at first, but the end results were great. The best part was that the designers brought their own artistry to our targeted motif and website theme. The selection process was only complicated by the fact that we had so many great designs to pick from.

StaffMarket is a national marketplace for the Professional Employer Organization industry and we work with hundreds of people who visit our website daily. When we rolled out our new website with the new logo, we had lots of positive comments on the logo and design from our member companies. Overall a great process and product.

Website: Staffmarket.com

Name: Williams & Hamman Orthodontics

We were very satisfied with our logomyway.com experience. The design options that were created for us were high quality and there were numerous designs to choose from. We explored hiring local design companies for our logo but the cost was 4 to 5 times greater than using logomyway.com. You can't beat value when comparing the cost to the quality.

Website: Whortho.com

Name: Rick

The hardest part of determining a logo was chosing from the many submissions. In the end however, we have a logo that directly represents what the company is about. As well, the logo works well broken apart and together. This aspect is one of the components that you have to consider - especially if your company is going to do a lot of promotion on social media sites. Thank you logomyway for doing a great job!

Website: www.smartdrivetest.com

Name: Donna

My experience was both fun and impressive to recognize the talent of these artist competing with one another. The most difficult deed was making the decisions to eliminate some really great logos. It was truly a great experience to be involved in the creation of my own logo as well. I would genuinely recommend this to anyone and would certainly do it again if need being. Thank you!

Website: None

Name: Blain

I found logomyway to be an easy and cost-effective way to create a logo/brand for my new business. After reviewing the instructions for starting a logo contest, I entered my information and directives to the designers of what I perceived my company to be. Within a very short time, many submissions arrived, allowing me the opportunity to critique those that met the mark, needed a few modifications, or simply didn't meet my criteria. Based on the feedback that I provided, additional responses poured in, mostly refined to the further direction that I had provided. This process allowed me to choose from many well qualified designs.

At the close of the contest, I selected the logo that captured my company's vision, awarding the designer with a well-deserved fee, and received multiple files of my new logo. Since incorporating the logo into my website and print materials, I regularly receive praise for the cleanliness and professionalism that my logo displays. Logomyway.com has been an instrumental part of my business's success.

Website: Goldstandardfloorcare.com

Name: Marco Porcellana

Exactly what I expected from an online freelance service: clear, simple, straighforward with chances to work on the various proposals. Absolutely value for money.

Website: Porcellanasementi.com

Name: DD Solutions

I have a brief statement about what I was looking for in a logo. Within a short time had twenty plus designs. The whole process was very smooth. Well worth the money spent.

Website: None

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